The treatment of the patient with alcohol dependence independently at home

If it fails to replenish its levels in the body, addiction to alcohol will decrease significantly. The main source of potassium is honey. Many homemade recipes for the treatment of alcohol dependence, to include this product.

Treatment for alcohol dependence begins with cleansing the liver of toxins.

In folk medicine, there is money saving virtually any disease. Addiction to alcohol is no exception. Usually used in the treatment of different herbs and plants.

It is known that modern medicines have a significant impact on the liver. Along with this, alcohol is a poison to all internal organs, in particular, the most affected liver. Therefore, people taking alcohol, you need to clean the liver from toxins. The primary tool for cleaning is the powder lastowka. It is used at 0.5 g daily for 5 days.

Effective treatments

This recipe helps to get rid of the dependence, even the most inveterate alcoholics. If other treatment options alcohol dependence do not help, including radical methods, such as coding.

To prepare it you'll need a special collection of herbs. Take 4 tablespoons of thyme, 1 teaspoon of wormwood and bitter herbs centaury. Ingredients should be thoroughly crushed, take 25 g of the prepared collection and pour a glass of hot water.

Curatio patiens cum vocatus dependentiam

After 1.5-2 hours the infusion is ready. It is necessary to strain and take 50 ml 4 times a day before each meal. Course duration is minimum 3 months. About 2 weeks after the start of treatment, the person suffering from alcoholism will feel much better.

You can use another recipe infusion, which helps to cope with such a disease as alcohol addiction. To cook it simply. You must prepare the herb lovage (it grows in almost any garden). Finely chop herb, put in a container, for example, in a jar. Add 3-5 Bay leaves and pour a mixture of vodka. The tool should insist about 1.5-2 weeks.

If you wish to cure alcoholism at home you can use another recipe. It requires pumpkin seeds. Clean them and chop with a blender or grinder. Then you pour the cooked mixture with vodka and allow to steep for 7 days.

Efficax curatio

The above extracts give the patient, which should take them several times a day. The action of such extracts is that they provoke disgust to alcohol in a patient.

Radical means

There are people who heard about what from addiction to alcohol very often treated with the help of Bay leaf. This popular method has long been known and is popular. The root and Bay leaf almost immediately cause complete aversion to alcohol.

If a person suffers from severe alcoholism, drinking alcoholic beverages every day, quit my job and drink all the money, we can recommend him the following prescription medications for the treatment at home. Take 250 ml of vodka, add a root of Laurel and 2 Bay leaves. Insist 2 weeks. A glass of this tincture should cause aversion to alcohol.

Rather radical means in the home treatment of alcohol dependence – a decoction of clava-Baranets. For the preparation of required shoots of the plant. Pour 1 tablespoon of clava-Baranets in a glass of water and boil it for 15 minutes. Make this tool need 100 ml per day on an empty stomach.

If you wish to drink even a small amount of alcohol a person has an aversion to it. Every time the patient wants to touch a drink, he should give the medicine. Procedures should be performed in a week. After 2-3 weeks the alcoholic is formed aversion to alcohol.

With this grass it is necessary to be careful, because it has contraindications. It is impossible to use for people who suffer from thyroid problems, have diabetes, have high blood pressure, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer or stomach.

Curatio cum poma et mel

Treatment with apples and honey

Another popular home treatment method frequently used in folk medicine, – methods of treatment using sour apples. It is known that sour apples cure alcoholics.

That the person stopped drinking, he needs to drink a day 3 sour Apple. Before that, they need to put a few nails and give the lie day. Treatment should continue for 6 weeks.

Along with this method from alcoholism perfectly cures the honey. The composition of natural beeswax are substances that give honey sweet flavor: maltose and sucrose. Also, the honey has a high content of protein compounds.

The use of honey as remedies for home treatment of alcoholism should pass on the rules specified. On the first day the patient should eat 6 spoons of good quality honey. After half an hour he should be given another portion, repeating the procedure another half an hour. The schema need to be repeated again in 2 hours. On this day, not allowed to drink alcohol even in small quantities.

The next day you can drink a little alcohol to stabilize the condition, but only if the person had a strong desire. The second day should go with taking the same amount of honey. After the first dose of med, the patient may eat a light Breakfast. After a meal you need to eat 4 teaspoons of honey.

The treatment lasts only 2 days. Those people who always want to drink alcohol, not enough potassium in the body. Eating honey can make up the shortfall. Regular and frequent consumption of honey can reduce the craving for alcohol.

Asarum European

Alcohol dependence treatment at all times was important. Because alcohol addiction is suffering as a patient, and people surrounding it. How many families broke up because of this addiction. Therefore it is impossible to give it up and let it go. Alcoholism should be treated using medicine and effective home recipes. These funds will help somebody to cure alcoholism.

For addiction is great popular recipe with the European Asarum. This herb causes the patient's absolute aversion to alcohol and suppresses the desire to drink even a small amount of alcohol. To prepare the infusion, place a spoonful of the root of wild ginger in a glass of hot water and boil for a few minutes. The broth should brew, just leave it for 1 hour. The infusion can be added in alcohol (1 tablespoon per 100 ml of alcohol) or give separately.

Alcoholism treatment is carried out until, until the person will not have a complete aversion to alcohol. In the use of ungulates should be careful, as this herb has certain contraindications. It has to be drunk to patients with angina and pregnant women.

Europae fera gingiber

Soda in the treatment of alcoholism

Another product which you can use to achieve the desired effect, is soda. For the preparation of medicines need to make a mix and give it to the patient. Dissolve in a glass of water a spoonful of baking soda. Just 3 cups of solution to clean the affected by alcohol organs, prevent the action of toxic substances. Stomach soda to extinguish the gastric juice. At the conclusion of the procedure, you can take a Cup of coffee.

The soda is alkali. Once in the organs, it forms in this alkaline environment, thereby producing a beneficial effect on the organs and systems. Any digestive juice, whether it's saliva, the juice in the pancreas or duodenum 12, alkaline environment. Due to the action of soda, the alcohol decomposition is accelerated and a rapid excretion of the components of alcohol.

Currently, the treatment of alcoholism with the help of baking soda is very popular. It is carried out using a special recipe with the addition of soda. In medicine, these solutions are usually administered intravenously by injection.

The soda helps to overcome hangover. For this make a mixture in the following recipe: 3-10 g of soda dissolved in a large quantity of plain water and take inside. You cannot drink soda more than specified in the recipe, leave treatment and come back to it. It can cause gastritis and stomach ulcers. After taking the soda, it is recommended to eat and drink plenty of fluids.

With a strong binge helps a sorrel, namely, a decoction of its root. To prepare a decoction, you will need 1 tablespoon of sorrel and a glass of hot water. The mixture needs to boil for 5-7 minutes, closing the container lid. Then wait about 3 hours. Drink the broth 1 tablespoon every 4 hours.