Herbs for alcoholism

Widely used for these purposes creeping Thyme, curly Carduus, Centaury, Root of wild ginger, etc.

  • The creeping thyme. This plant has long been known for its positive properties. He always was widely used to combat alcoholism. It is advisable to consume it in the form of decoction. For making unique you just need to take 15 grams of the main ingredient and pour it with boiling water. Your body does not negatively react to the impact of this weed is to dilute all the wormwood and yarrow. Dosage – one tablespoon before meals up to 3 times a day. the treatment tool is made on a voluntarily basis.
  • Carduus crispus. Tool part, which includes this ingredient has a particular efficiency. However the treatment takes place exclusively on a voluntary basis. Enough to take a tablespoon of herbs mixed with 200 ml of boiling water and insist good. After that, all strain and take a tablespoon up to 3 times. Treatment usually last about 3 months.
  • Centaury umbrella. Should take a couple of tablespoons of the main ingredient and mix it with Cup boiling water. Then boil for 10 minutes and thoroughly infuse. You will take 1/3 part.
  • The root of wild ginger. You need to take a tablespoon of the ingredient and mix with water. Then boil for 15 minutes. Further, to insist 30 minutes. Then a tablespoon of the decoction is poured into a glass of vodka. This mixture will cause vomiting and eventually will cause complete aversion to alcohol. Of course, that alcohol is "additive" to the alcoholic know is not worth it.

Grass puppeteer

Grass puppeteer from alcoholism is most effective. Due to the special toxic properties turns out to produce a reflex in the body. While taking marijuana with alcohol, a person feels disgust, and exasperate the symptoms of poisoning. Of course, such treatment is necessary without the knowledge of the person.

To prepare an effective remedy is not so difficult. You need to take a teaspoon of the root of the puppeteer, pour 75 ml of boiling water and infuse for hours. When the tincture is ready, you will just drain. Store preferably in a cool place. To use not more than 3 times a day 3 drops. To get started is to use 2 drops, so that the body began to get used to, then the dosage is increased.

Puppeteer, which is composed of toxic components, does not enter the body of various alien bodies. In this case we are talking about alcohol. If they show the first signs of poisoning, the use be discontinued. The duration of treatment is several months. Alcoholism treatment at home is hard work, requiring considerable exposure.



Centaury from alcoholism can help a person to get rid of the addiction. It is a pink-red colorful flowers. They can be found almost everywhere, but not in the city. Alcoholism flowers of centaury are used since time immemorial. It contains in its composition active substances which have a positive effect.

Centaury eliminates alcohol addiction, but also plays the role of a laxative, anti-parasitic and antiseptic substances. The suppression of alcoholism in this way most effectively. The treatment is carried out together with other herbs. Usually, these include thyme, tarragon, Asarum and puppeteer.

The easiest way to cook an effective remedy is applying a mixture of these herbs. Should take a couple of tablespoons of the main ingredient and mix them with boiling water. Then you should boil everything on low heat. The broth should infuse for 2 hours.

The patient should take the remedy 2-3 times a day, one third of a Cup. This treatment completely kills the craving for alcohol.


Wormwood alcoholism is having an incredible effect. This herb has a strong aroma. In modern medicine it is accepted to initiate and enhance the digestive system. Tinctures, decoctions and infusions are often used as gonnae bile, diuretic and appetizing action. Found its use wormwood in the treatment of alcoholism.

To prepare an effective infusion, is simply to take the main ingredient in powdered form, and fill it with boiling water. Next you need to insist 30 minutes. The remedy is ready for use, 3 times a day.

Finished wormwood tincture sold in pharmacies. It should take 15-20 drops 3 times a day on the same principle as a home remedy. You can use the tool no more than one month. Despite their positive properties, wormwood is able to cause nerve diseases.

Decoction of the plant can be mixed with alcohol. In this case the person to develop an aversion to it. After all, alcohol is not only unpleasant to smell but also to have a strange taste. Positive treatment of alcoholism in the home and provides easy use of the plant.


Lovage from alcoholism has long been considered a medicinal plant, with tough action. Many healers of the world have used it to troubleshoot problems of various kinds. Lovage helps to cope with diseases, conspiracies and other troubles.


To date, alcohol has become the number one problem in the world. Even more, many generations of humanity is trying to fight this addiction. One of the most effective means to combat drinking is lovage. The infusion of this plant it is possible to add alcohol without the knowledge of the person.

The root of lovage should insist on vodka (250 ml) for 2 weeks. Then gradually add the man in the stack. After consuming such alcoholic can't touch alcohol. He has such a "potion" will cause disgust.

You can cook some other means. Is taken 30 grams of the main ingredient and mixed with juniper berries. For greater effect, added thyme, root cyanosis. All this is mixed and taken only one spoon. She, in turn, poured boiling water and boiling 5 minutes over low heat. Then you need to give her a brew and take two tablespoons, preferably after Breakfast and lunch.

The root of lovage is quite often taken as a basis in the preparation of many effective means. Special power he shows in the fight against alcoholism. With regular use of tinctures, a positive result will be noticeable within 2-3 weeks. You can give an infusion of funds to the person instead of alcohol. The course of treatment is usually 2 months.


Helps to get rid of the problem, in view of their useful properties. This spicy herb has a positive effect, regardless of the stage of alcoholism. To prepare an infusion is quite simple. You should take 15 grams of the main ingredients and pour two cups of boiling water. The tool then put on water bath for 15 minutes. Then it must be filtered and complement boiled water to the volume it was originally.

Should make the tool for 50 ml twice a day. Of course is to add vodka, 15 ml. This will cause severe vomiting reaction within 30 minutes after ingestion. Over time, this phenomenon will discourage a person's desire to drink. Because this process will be associated with unpleasant consequences.


Make the broth a day or daily. And it needs to be constantly fresh. The duration of treatment is 15-30 days. Possible adverse reactions: sweating, rapid pulse. Not rarely expressed do not appear stomach pain, vomiting. To use the tool can not be hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis, thyroid disease and ulcers.