Methods of struggle with alcoholism

Most relevant today are the following methods of dealing with alcoholism that can help to beat addiction. This:

  • hypnosis;
  • coding;
  • folk recipes.

Each of these methods has its own particular action. But we must remember that any selected technique will be to act on each person. Everything is very individual and depends on the state of the organism and the degree of alcoholism.

As many prefer the encoding with this method and want to start. It is based on the administration of drugs which cause in the person a real aversion to the use of alcoholic beverages. The impact occurs at a subconscious level. The alcoholic begins to seem that if he will drink even a drop of alcohol, he immediately becomes much worse. And it may be so bad that it can even lead to death. The presence of such fear and allows for the encoding of person to stay away from any alcohol.

Sometimes on this background there is a strong depression, which is characterized by significant disorder of the nervous system and deterioration of General health. On this basis, during the coding, the patient may be drugs of a sedative nature, which helps a little to stabilize the precarious condition. The main advantages of this method of treatment include:

Modos certamen cum alcoholism
  • affordable cost;
  • the ability to conduct coding at home;
  • the achieved effect can keep for a long time, and maybe even throughout life.

But the negative aspects can be attributed to changes in the psyche, which often have a negative character and also a heavy load from the prescribed drugs exerted on the cardiovascular system.


Some experts the effects of hypnosis associated with the technique of coding. The only difference is that the encoding effects on consciousness occurs by means of drugs, but in hypnosis there is an influence on another, deeper level, without the use of any auxiliary means. With this method occurs the suggestion and the patient begins to feel an aversion to alcohol. He is also afraid to take a SIP of the liquor, thinking that he will immediately become much worse. He strongly believes. Due to this mental belief of the person tries to avoid companies and meetings, where he can offer another glass. Often during hypnosis specialist uses a trick. He tells the alcoholic that even small doses of alcohol can occur death. And the fear of death binds the patient and keep him from the next binge.

The positive aspects include the absolute harmlessness of this method of treatment. In this patient, there is no deterioration of the General condition and any negative impact on the internal system does not occur. However, this method of treatment has its own certain difficulties. Many people simply are afraid to undergo hypnosis effects. And to find a good specialist in this area is problematic.

You also need to take into account existing contraindications:

Commune curatio modos
  • hypnosis is not carried out, if a person has a serious mental disorder;
  • too old age is also a criterion in which this method of treatment is excluded.

There is another point. During hypnosis (and to achieve results, you may need to undergo several sessions) alcohol from the diet will have to exclude completely. A positive result is obtained is not as long as when encoding. So after a certain period of time this impact will need to use again.

The treatment of alcoholism folk remedies

Traditional medicine coping with alcohol dependency, implies the acceptance of medicinal decoctions and infusions that cleanse the physical body from alcoholic poisons, and toxins, thus inhibiting the desire to drink. The obvious advantage of this treatment is that it can be done even when the alcoholic does not recognize their addiction and wants nothing to do with it. Here then come to the aid of vegetable broth that you can pour in tea, soups or compotes. However, experts still advise to try to persuade the patient to independently begin to take useful extracts. In this case we can hope for the additional the placebo effect. But here, too, has its own negative points. Using at home herbal teas herbal, you must strictly adhere to the specified dosage in cooking. Some plants are in large amount can cause toxic poisoning of the body and aggravate the not-so-stable position of the alcoholic.

Before using any plant, it is better to first read all the necessary information and familiarize yourself with the possible side reactions that can trap people. You also need to consider the presence of additional chronic diseases that are alcoholic. And if nothing is in doubt, then you can safely cook a decoction and give it to drink to those who suffer from addiction. The most common herbs used tarragon, thyme and wild thyme.

Conditions that accelerate the recovery

In addition to the above methods of treating alcoholism, you need to try to create the dependent person enabling conditions that will accelerate and improve the process of getting rid of this disease. Of course, the most important point is that the alcoholic himself has to want to quit drinking. In this case, success is guaranteed to a greater extent. You should also take care of the following conditions are met:

  • the house and areas where it is often a person with alcohol addiction must not be a hint of the presence of alcoholic beverages;
  • relatives and friends should be prepared that the alcoholic will "spin" and "break", and this can lead to frequent changes of mood and need for a heart to heart conversation;
  • to fill an empty niche, resulting from a lack of drinking alcoholic beverages, you can find a good alternative for a hobby that starts to distract from depressing thoughts about alcohol;
  • Conditiones accelerare recuperare
  • sometimes you can use little tricks and clearly show your close ones, how long before the money was spent on his addiction and what useful or nice things for them now you can buy.

Full implementation of all these recommendations will allow you to get closer to success and to the lasting positive result.

And in conclusion

It is difficult to understand what motivates a man who with his own hands destroys his life and destroys what until recently was it is so expensive. It is not surprising that in such a situation, loved ones are willing to do anything to help the alcoholic to cope with his illness. Everyone chooses the most suitable method of treatment. Someone agree to go on coding, and then for many years living without their addiction. And it's easy for someone from home to start drinking medicinal teas, hoping for them a powerful force in getting rid of alcoholism. Of course, you can use hypnosis to make sure that I can suppress the craving for alcohol. Whichever method is chosen, it is better if it will be based on the voluntary wish of the patient to receive immediate assistance and forget about the taste of alcohol forever.