Treatment of alcoholism folk remedies

There are many methods of dealing with addiction of a person to alcoholic beverages. This modern encoding, and hypnosis (psychotherapeutic approach), and effective medicines.

Folk remedies against drunkenness

Since ancient times, the fight against alcoholism and folk remedies. They are very diverse and depend on the stage of the disease.

Quickly remove intoxication is possible, drinking a glass of water with 5 drops of ammonia (10%). In mild intoxication will help strong coffee with lemon. A Cup of beverage, you should leave four thin slices of this citrus.
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To deal with a hangover in the people "treated" and so. The next day, after a feast given to the patient to drink a glass of cold beer, and the chest and back rubbed with cold water or with small crumbs of ice.

In the morning you can drink a Cup of the brine from sauerkraut or pickles. (If no high blood pressure).

Cleanse the body from alcohol intoxication ordinary baking soda. The remedy is dissolved in warm water (180 ml take a teaspoon without slides) and drink. Depending on the stage of poisoning, rinsing and withdrawal of toxins from the body, may need at least one liter of such a solution. Vomiting after taking such remedies will prevent the entry of harmful alcohol toxins in the blood and improve the condition. Formed in the stomach carbon dioxide will accelerate the synthesis of gastric juice, which will help the withdrawal of poisons.

To remove the craving for alcohol

  1. Will help to remove the uncontrollable craving for alcohol is such a historically proven folk recipe. Should the glass break one raw egg and mix it with one tablespoon of baking soda. Then add one tablespoon of powdered tobacco leaves and pour 180-200 milliliters of homemade moonshine or vodka. After that, the composition should mix well again. Then the "patient" give it a means to drink (on empty stomach). Literally after a short time he will start vomiting. A "cure" for a long time, likely forever, will discourages drinking. However, this tool is suitable only for those who consciously and firmly decided to "declare battle" to alcohol.
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  3. Drinking in the people and so treated. 25 grams fennel seeds pour 200 millilitres of red wine . Composition boil on a slow fire for 3-4 minutes. Give to drink that "brew" to the patient. It will discourage drinking.
  4. In ancient times their husbands wife was treated by this method. Take 50 grams of bed bugs, and fill them with 200 milliliters of wine. Insisted means at least 8-10 days in the dark and warmth. Then poured the finished potion to the husband in an alcoholic beverage. For example, a glass of wine is necessary to take 200 milliliters of "bug tinctures". My husband soon had a strong aversion to alcohol and drunkenness. By the way, in some recipes instead of bedbugs took wormwood. Effect received no less.

Bees against drunkenness

The initial form of alcoholism treated with bee stings. On the body of the drinker is placed 15 live bees, flatten them slightly. After 5 minutes, the sting is removed. The procedure is performed daily for 10 days. By the way, a painful sensation from the bites manifested only at the beginning. And yet, this method is suitable only for those who have no allergies.

There is a method of treating alcoholism honey. It should be carried out according to this scheme:

  • eat 7 teaspoons of honey;
  • after 20 minutes, repeat the dose;
  • after another 20 minutes again to eat 7 spoon of honey. (Within hours will 21 teaspoon of honey).

After a half hour of honey according to the scheme need to be repeated again. Treatment should be three hours before bedtime. Morning treatment scheme to repeat and then eat Breakfast. For dessert, the patient again give 3 teaspoons of honey. At night, the treatment regimen is repeated. Alcohol will stop permanently.

Treatment of alcoholism with herbs

Alcoholism in the home cooked broth namque RAM. The broth from it causes a strong aversion to alcohol. In a glass of water take 10 g of the tops of the plants and put 5 minutes on low fire. On an empty stomach before bedtime give drink 90-120 ml of warm broth. After 10 minutes the patient is allowed to drink 20 grams of vodka. After half an hour he will start vomiting. After it is again necessary to drink a teaspoon of vodka. Vomiting usually lasts 5-6 times. For three days produces strong anti-alcohol reaction.

A half-quart of Thistle heads pour 1.5 liters of boiling water. Bring to the boil, and then on 20 minutes put it on a steam bath. Then the broth for at least three hours insist, wrapped in a blanket. Take means half a Cup (preferably three times a day). The course of treatment until complete disappearance of the desire to consume alcoholic beverages. Usually it takes 2 months.

Since ancient times, in order to liberate the people from drinking used the root of European wild ginger) finely chop It with a knife, a small pinch of plant material was filled with 180 ml of boiling water. Further, the composition was put on a small fire and boiled for 5-7 minutes. Then he still insisted, covered for at least 45 minutes. Ready means were given daily to the patient. Dosage: one tablespoon. The potion can silently pour in alcohol: 100 ml – 1 tbsp. Soon the "medicine" will cause severe vomiting after each dose of alcohol, and gradually develop an aversion to it.

Traditional medicine is widely used for the treatment of alcoholism hellebore (puppeteer). To do this, take the root of the plant. It is ground and one tablespoon of pour a half Cup of boiling water. After one hour the medium is filtered and carefully add boiled water to make up to original volume. Store infusion in the refrigerator. 15 drops of the tincture poured into half a liter of vodka. Thoroughly shake the bottle and give to her husband. After drinking vodka, the patient will start vomiting. Through very short time he lost the craving to drink and develop an aversion to any alcohol drink. The infusion can also be added to tea, juice and food. It is sufficient to take only 5 drops three times a day. The dose can be increased if no effect.

Curatio alcoholism cum herbis

To combat alcoholism traditional medicine uses this recipe. Cooking herbs: thyme (4 teaspoons), wormwood and centaury (one spoon). Mix until smooth and a tablespoon of herbs thrown into the boiling boiling water (250 ml). To insist means, use a thermos. After 2 hours the infusion is carefully filtered. Potion take at least four to five times a day. Method of use: a tablespoon before eating. The recommended course of treatment is 100 days.

Proceed to struggle with alcohol dependence should be as early as possible. Especially treacherous women's and teenage alcoholism. The disease carries a lot of negative health effects. It is also important to remember that in severe forms of alcoholism is almost incurable.