How to quit drinking alcohol on your own at home. Ways to get rid of alcohol addiction

You can find a lot of advertising, which guarantees fast, easy cure for addiction to alcohol. Usually, this is done using medications, which causes aversion to alcohol, but does not kill the desire to use it. Anyone looking for ways to stop drinking alcohol on your own, you should be ready for serious work not only on physical problems but also psychological. Only when the alcoholic decides to give up the habit of drinking will have an incentive to deal with addiction will be able to overcome the disease.

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Alcoholism in women

Alcohol dependence is often seen in men but women are also susceptible to this disease. Stage of development and treatment is the same for both sexes, but the reasons, provoking alcoholism, several different. The nature of female dependence can be attributed to the following factors:

  1. The liver tissue in the female body is more sensitive to the toxic effect of ethanol. This is due to the reduced ability of enzyme systems to process, to neutralize such substances. This leads to a longer duration of action of toxic elements on the body, the rapid development of cirrhosis.
  2. Psycho-emotional lability female. Intuitive (emotional) brain activity prevails over logic, which increases the negative impact of stress on girls. Drunkenness becomes a way of stress relief.
  3. Bowel women has more rapid absorption than the male.
  4. The decay products of alcohol and female sex hormones are incompatible.

All of these factors unbeknownst to most women are the cause of more rapid habituation to alcohol, to increase the demand to experience alcohol intoxication, which may develop into a binge. It can start with a glass of wine after work, and end with vodka not only on weekends but also on weekdays. For the same reason, to heal, to overcome addiction to girls is more complicated, it is necessary to resort to treatment with pills.

Replete in omni tempore, negotium, invenire amat

How to stop drinking alcohol for men

Alcoholism in men is diagnosed more often due to characteristics of the nervous system, attitudes to alcohol among men. They are poorly adapted to the stressful situation, it's hard carry them, they find it difficult to remain calm, poise. This leads to the need to "heat" problems, drink or without. The exception of the stress factor, the ability to have fun and relax without alcohol is an important step towards getting rid of addiction.

Do not have to use only one method of how to quit drinking alcohol on your own. Medication, psychological support from loved ones and even the popular recipes help equally. You should not believe in the power of a conspiracy of some "grandmother", but to use every means should you yourself desire to stop drinking. You should try to get rid of stereotypes, which oblige a man to drink beer or other alcoholic beverages.

How to stop drinking at home

Different clinics, rehabilitation centers offer their services to get rid of the desire to drink, but don't want to go to such places. There are recommendations how to get rid of alcohol addiction at home in the presence of preparedness for the consequences of such decisions. The main thing to consider – people should not be home alone, or at least it should regularly visit. Here are a few tips that will help you at all stages of recovery:

  1. The house should not be a drop of alcohol, this category refers to beer, alcoholic beverages. The person should not be the slightest chance to find something to achieve intoxication.
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  3. Avoid companies in which there is a speech about alcohol. It is best to communicate with people who do not drink or cope with their addiction.
  4. Fill in all the time, a business, find a hobby, an activity that would distract from thinking about alcohol.
  5. Constantly think about the negative effects that provoke the alcohol: cirrhosis, ulcer, psychopathy disorders, impotence, pancreatitis.
  6. Understand that alcohol is not a depressant, is a drug.
  7. Addiction to alcohol is not laid at the genetic level, it is an acquired disease. Think about what the ability to cope with it you have.
  8. Prepare yourself mentally that just will not desire to return to the previous drugged state.

How to learn to live without alcohol

For those who are trying to stop a dangerous path of alcohol dependence, should focus on the question of how to stop drinking alcohol altogether. A compromise "to drink, but in moderation" for alcoholics is not suitable, because even the smallest dose can cause a relapse in booze for a few days. An important condition for self – recovery-the exception of precipitating factors, the ability to live without alcohol. The transition to a normal lifestyle consists of several stages:

  • awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol;
  • the emergence of desire to deal with the problem;
  • overcoming the first stage of cleansing the body, breaking;
  • replacement of alcohol on sports, Hobbies, socializing with friends;
  • exclusion of precipitating factors: bars, communication with dependent people, etc.

How to cope with alcohol dependence at the initial stage

Every person who asks a question how to quit drinking alcohol at home, should know that the most difficult is the first step. To avoid temptation, you should know what to do to prevent relapse at home:

  1. Find someone who you'd like to visit, communicate, and support at the right time.
  2. Get rid of all alcohol, which is at home (the most important condition in the first stage).
  3. Please be plenty of mineral water with a high content of sodium .
  4. Find a hobby that would distract from thinking about alcohol. You can join the sports section, massage or other relaxing treatments.

Psychological support from family

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Alcohol dependence can be divided into two components: physiological and psychological. The first is overcome during the detoxification of the body the hangover. It is much harder to cope with the second factor, which becomes a frequent cause of relapse. It is important to find among the loved ones of those who could help in difficult time. This is the only right way, how to quit drinking alcohol on your own.

This is especially important for those who have the will power weakened. When you want to get rid of the addiction, a conversation with family strengthens faith, helps to cope with gusts again to drink. It requires understanding, patience, you cannot blame someone who is trying to cope with alcoholism. If you start to push too hard, it may have the opposite effect.

Can the alcoholic himself to quit drinking

No matter what stage of alcoholism may have been a man, he is able to cope with it. If it's awareness of the harmfulness of this habit, arose a strong desire to get rid of the addiction, even launched an alcoholic can be cured. At the same time, even with good medication, support loved ones, without a firm decision to fight alcoholism won't work.