Causes of alcoholism

Causes of alcoholism in women and men are similar in type and can be of different nature. It is worth noting that the causes of alcoholism are primarily rooted in human psychology. This is the most common reason can drink both men and women. People drink to relax, relieve stress and escape from problems. Doses of alcohol gradually increases and the person does not notice that addicted to alcohol. Among other reasons of alcohol dependence allocate social, physiological and genetic.

Socialis alcoholism causas

Psychological causes of alcoholism

The most common causes of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are the character and mental abilities of man, his ability to adapt to life's disharmony. Personality with a weak will and tendency to depression often may suffer from alcohol dependence. They make everything a problem and suffer in company with a bottle.

One of the psychological causes of alcohol dependence is the inability of a man to realize himself and to find a good job, build a relationship and a family. Such people suffer from being unable to find his calling and place in the world, and can often drink. Men experience due to the lack of high-paying jobs, and women due to the fact that you can not arrange his personal life, to have children.

People with complexes and insecure can drink more than others. Such a person is full of fears, insecurity, not able to make new friends and to get along with other people. To work up the courage before an important event or a date, he drinks a few glasses and become more relaxed and confident, everything seems brighter. Personality full of complexes, insecure, in doubt drink to relax and quell your fears. It is believed that people whose parents were repressed in childhood, the most vulnerable to alcoholism.

Among the main psychological causes of alcoholism secrete desire to relax after the working week with friends or alone. Alcoholic drinks quickly relieve tension, fatigue, elevate mood. People gradually gets used to this way of life and it is difficult to abandon it. Most people do not see this as a problem, as this is the usual form of recreation.

Some people start drinking to improve health. In society a common misconception that wine can strengthen the heart and blood vessels. Some parents can give their children before lunch 50 grams of Cahors wine or dry wine "for the appetite". This passion develops into chronic alcohol dependence in adults and children.

Social causes of alcoholism

People live in society and are exposed every day to its pressure, so another common cause of alcoholism is social. Among the social causes of alcoholism are the following:

  • The tradition of alcohol consumption on holidays with family and friends is one of the common causes of alcoholism in Russia. People used to celebrate important events with lavish feast and drink. Customs was created over many centuries and continue to be supported by a modern society. Friends people do not want to stand out, so drink with the others, otherwise it will be laughed at. Many are unable to refuse, as I think it is disrespectful to friends. So gradually the person becomes an alcoholic.
  • Bad work, low wages forced people to think about the fact that he found the first place in life. The constant imposition of society's values in life such as success and wealth, can enhance the depression. Everyone tends to compare themselves with others, to seek in ourselves the faults and flaws. It seems that others are living happier and more comfortable. In modern society intensified the pursuit of material values and money. Against this background, a person seeks solace in alcohol and gradually develops a dependency on alcohol.
  • Difficult professions associated with heavy stress and tension, risk to life, can be a factor in the development of alcohol dependence. They include doctors, ambulance workers, police officers, firefighters and others. With the help of alcohol people are trying to forget the incident and relax.
  • Among the social causes of alcoholism is not the last place is occupied by the influence of advertising and television, especially for children and adolescents. Bright and attractive advertising convinces us that drinking is fashionable and cool. Most often due to this factor starts beer alcoholism among adolescents and children, who find it difficult to fight. Despite the ban on advertising before a certain time, this problem is fairly common.
  • Low standard of living, poverty, poor nutrition and housing conditions, unemployment lead to spiritual and moral fall of man. He is unable to cope alone with the problems, so starts drinking out of despair, which could be one of the causes of chronic alcoholism. In countries with low living standards, alcoholism is most prevalent, than in developed countries.
Alcoholism Causas

Physiological causes of alcoholism

Studies have established that alcoholism can be caused by a number of physiological reasons. These include particularly the development and structure of the human body. It can affect the course of pregnancy, the process of pregnancy and birth. Some diseases of the mother can affect the development of the metabolism of the child, to serve as a factor in the formation of chronic disorders. The development of alcohol dependence may depend on sex and age of the person. Studies have shown that the most acute form of alcoholism may develop in teenage years, regardless of gender, in women in later age.

Alcohol dependence is formed due to biochemical reasons. Substance ethanol takes part in chemical reactions within the body, destroying the nervous system and other organs. So man quickly gets used to the alcohol. Alcoholism develops in people who are prone to psychiatric disorders: depression, neurosis, schizophrenia, and others. Among the physiological causes of alcoholism can be various brain injury, traumatic brain injury.

Genetic causes

According to the research among the main causes of alcoholism genetic stand out. Bad heredity is transmitted from parents to children, if at least one of them suffered from a similar disease. If both parents were alcoholics, the risk of developing the disease increases 5 times. To this factor we can add the psychological aspect of identity formation, as children tend to copy behavior of parents. Scientists also found that people from Russia and CIS genetic resistance to alcohol is much higher than among the representatives from Asia.

Researchers have identified two groups of genes, causing the development of alcohol dependence. The genes responsible for the metabolism of alcohol in the body and controlling neuro mental functions. When alcohol is in the brain is formed by the positive effect of "fun", so man can not live without alcohol is fine to relax and enhance mood. It is known that alcoholism is inherited, is difficult to treat. If in your family there were cases of alcoholism, it is better not to start drinking even in small quantities.

What to do?

Causes of alcoholism can be many, therefore it is important to know and to prevent their influence. The fight against alcoholism is all about prevention. In the family, schools and educational institutions, adults need to explain in detail how alcohol adversely affects the entire human body. Parents are advised not to drink in front of the kids and turn to the tradition of drinking alcoholic beverages. The child should be doing something useful and interesting to not be influenced by bad company.

Adults need to learn to control your emotions, relax without alcohol, exercise and active lifestyle. If you experience emotional turmoil and experiences to share with family and friends, don't keep problems to yourself. For emotional recovery and well help harmony yoga, various meditation practices. People living at a furious pace, more to relax and escape from everyday routine.

If the person is addicted to alcohol and it turned into a disease, you need time to begin treatment and recovery. For this purpose, medical drugs, coding and psychological rehabilitation. At this stage it is very important to provide adequate support to your relative or friend. After treatment the patient should avoid drinking companies to occupy themselves with work and Hobbies. Interesting hobby and a new purpose in life, help to recover and forget about the harmful habit. Family should always be there to comfort in this difficult time.