"How to stop drinking" by Allen Carr


Today there is a network of clinics in 30 countries under the promising title "the Easy way". And it all started with the fact that a British man tired of looking at the world through the smoke from cigarettes. Development allowed him at first, and then thousands of followers, once and for all to part with nicotinic addiction. After successful overcoming of cigarette barrier, author of a unique method decided to help people with other addictions. How to stop drinking by Allen Carr describes in detail in his book.

The method is remarkable in that it has no restrictions on severity and devoid of any side effects. Also ideal for patients who are afraid of publicity to your problem. At home, painless and quick, after spending a few evenings reading a book, you can overcome the problem. Enough to want to be stronger than the burning liquid, which claims to control the destinies of people, while not having neither consciousness nor reason.

The main provisions of the

The author asks during reading to follow a few simple rules:

  • to read sober;
  • to read in a positive mood;
  • do not skip the chapters of the book;
  • to read to the last page;
  • not to change their habits while reading;
  • to be ready to accept new ideas.

Allen Carr in accessible language brings that to fully eliminate the influence of vodka in that case, if you change your attitude to drinking and alcohol in General. Since childhood society through advertising, examples of others, the generally accepted opinion, the education puts us in the minds of certain program behavior. Reprogramming could critically change your life, learn to live outside the conventional framework.

quit drinking

The brain is not exposed to hypnosis, intimidation and encoding, which gives people the opportunity to experience complete freedom, usefulness and supremacy over his fate. The book only suggests the introspection in the right direction, and the conclusions must make for himself.

The uniqueness of the method is that the dependent does not experience discomfort caused by the lack of alcohol in the body.
The only drawback of the edition lies in its name: "easy way to quit drinking". The mentality of many people laid dominant: they do not appreciate what is given without much effort. It turns out that painless parting with drunken haze, half returned to the old. Respect for yourself and what you are doing, will be a great ally on the path to another life.