How to quit drinking alcohol on your own — top 5 ways of dealing with alcohol

Is it possible to quit drinking on your own? Answer: of course, Yes! Today, there are many examples of how many people found a solution to the answer to the question: how to stop drinking alcohol on your own?

They have a strong character? How they made it all work out? Indeed, many have even made careers, and now enjoy a life completely without the "hundred grams" of alcohol.

alcohol dependence

Is it possible to stop drinking yourself?

Why are some people able to "go into denial" of alcohol and to stop drinking, and others after many attempts end up in the wards of hospitals or worse, not Wake up after the next binge? You'd think that some have just a strong will and the other weak. In fact, to give up alcohol difficult for everyone with any character and strength of will.

At risk of becoming an alcoholic prone to all! Intense people drink more often. But to quit drinking on your own always! Those who coped with alcoholism, I realized that you need to spend huge forces on the rejection of the glasses, and the change inside of me. In addition, you need to stop drinking alcohol, you need to cure the soul! And avoiding alcohol is a necessary byproduct of the work.

Alcoholism — an inside look

Alcoholism is a deep sickness of the human soul, to quit drinking from time to time — the first step that leads to health. Alcohol consumption is a negative perception of the surrounding life. That day, when man for the first time tries to drink alcohol, it starts easily look at the world, and he likes it.

Day after day, after each binge, the person becomes dependent on alcohol. To quit drinking alone is becoming increasingly difficult. But you need to do the reverse way. Of course, it is not easy, but it will be by your forces.

It should be noted immediately that Your soul will be able to acquire new strength, but the body will remain alcoholic. That is why they say that alcoholism is incurable, just from addiction to alcohol dependent do not give up. With age it becomes increasingly difficult to stop drinking on their own.

There are many effective ways how to stop drinking yourself and. Most of them requires treatment by professionals because proper treatment is possible at a qualified clinic with the appropriate drugs.

If you firmly tell yourself: "I want to quit drinking alcohol" and look for a way on how to do this, we first read Allen Carr's "Easy way to stop drinking".

There is a video that can tell you how to quit drinking alcohol on your own. So in your life will make sense and you will be able to begin a new phase. Importantly – believe in themselves! Only then can the addiction to alcohol will go.

how to quit drinking

Where should you start?

  • The first thing you need to choose the moment to quit. That is, the best time is when You completely depart from the next binge. Preferably more than 2 weeks. Then to stop drinking alcohol is really.
  • Alone or with loved ones away from home for the rest of the alcohol to make it easier to quit drinking.
  • It is worth to give at least three months ahead of holidays, where no drinks "with degrees" is simply not enough.
  • Try to think and decide using a blank sheet of paper why You started to seriously drink alcohol (what made You do so), and that binges are doing with Your life (health, family, career)? You can stop yourself? And it's possible, but to begin to quit drinking!

Consider the TOP 5 ways of dealing with alcohol.

1. The easiest method is to find a good incentive!

Almost never people just like yourself rather expensive. Need some serious stress! Very often the cause is a disease caused by dependence on alcohol alone. At the moment when man learns this, he experiences moral shock and begins to want to live!

With each glass of vodka die and new cells of Your brain, disturbed state of the liver, and the heavy substances (mostly alcohol poor quality) affects the blood vessels. The result: strokes, heart attacks, birth of physically handicapped children. More than 30% of deaths occur because of alcohol. Most of the crimes in any country occurs after taking regular doses of alcohol. So the reasons to quit drinking alcohol enough most important time to understand and above all their own to deal with this problem.

Can visit the clinic, you definitely need a psychiatrist (can be anonymous). This will be a major step to a healthy lifestyle and abstinence from alcohol. The fact of communication with your doctor will not cure you, but it's a good start!

It will be easier to quit drinking, following the advice of a specialist who was able to save many lives. You can use radical methods, for example, to attach a "torpedo". In this case, all desire to drink alcohol will already be meaningless, because to do so would have dangerous and control the moment you need them.

2. The most important thing – an inside job!

Immediately after the beginning of the struggle with alcohol, the focus is on attitude. First and foremost, You throw a round of drinks for my real life. Remember the rule: never promise not to drink alcohol.

Let life goes on. You want to stop drinking alcohol — this is a huge benefit and burden for the body, allow yourself to understand, to use the new features live today! It's great to stop drinking alcohol and to begin to see the joy of life!

the struggle with alcohol

People should never blame yourself for what was, to stop drinking alcohol it is never too late. It needs to carry out work on the bugs in real time to prevent them in the future. So now think only about how to quit drinking alcohol on your own. Now place a new, free life, healthy body, free from alcohol. Bring back the relationships with family, if you didn't have families — think about how it would be great to live for others.

Find a job, an occupation that should you like. Do not think immediately about big money, while you bring in the feelings of the soul and body alone. The biggest job for you at this stage to give up drinking, give up alcohol, don't waste a lot of effort, time and energy on other things.

When you have planned to quit drinking, get new friends. New people, new interests can be very useful. Talk aloud about how to quit drinking alcohol by yourself is an easy way. At this stage it is very important to support loved ones.

Decided to stop drinking? Start making steps in this direction, now always succeed. Because you need only positive effect! The problem of how to stop drinking alcohol on your own and make your body strong again, start to disappear, because now the brain needs new and healthy desires. To quit drinking is always possible!

3. Fighting the craving for alcohol — psychological aspects

The most difficult period of treatment, from the moment you decide to quit drinking is the first 6 months. Then the pull begins to decrease. Each day without alcohol is to treat the disease, everything will be great! Quite a few new days and months.

After some time You will understand why many people can live without a bottle of alcohol by yourself and refuse offers to drink. Relapse is not worth much to fear, as now You have a choice – the desire to stop drinking.

After years of alcoholism and again picking up a glass, you will be able to make a choice with a sober mind – to drink or not to drink? So serious about the decision to stop drinking alcohol will help you go through this difficult stage and begin a new life.

4. Folk remedies for the treatment of alcohol dependence alone

It is important to know that in folk medicine, the process of treatment of alcohol dependence, abstinence from alcohol alone has two stages:

The first body forms a persistent aversion to alcohol, the second is consolidating the therapy. A person decides to quit drinking alcohol and no longer returns to a past life. The second part of the treatment is more psychological in nature, here the patient needs willpower, to try again not to drink.

Very soon the question of how to quit drinking alcohol on your own, will cease to exist. Helps books, for the right of self-hypnosis. You can find your easiest way to quit drinking on their own, to give up alcohol, if you stick to the recommendations together with the tested drugs.

Do not forget that many herbs and even help to quit drinking on their own, but at the same time, have contraindications. The body that used to alcohol, can very easily get harm, so always follow the indicated dosages.

green tea in the fight against vodka

Green tea

It turns out that tea has long been successfully used for the treatment of alcoholism, alcohol withdrawal by yourself. With it is much easier to stop drinking alcohol during this period. If you don't know how to stop drinking alcohol, drink green tea about four cups throughout the day. So you will be able to help yourself to give up alcohol.

Recipe: one teaspoon of tea per 200 ml of water. According to the recommendations, you should avoid adding sugar in your tea, you can instead use honey or sweet dry fruits.

Leaves tea infuser you need to eat, pre-grind them. In some cases, when a person does not like this drink and does not want to be treated independently from the habit of alcohol by this method, brewed green tea can be added to the first dish. Do not expect a quick effect after a few applications, herbal medicine causes the body to recovery after a while, but the result is always there. Very soon you will stop drinking yourself and learn to control yourself.

Pumpkin seeds — a great help for those who decided to quit drinking alcohol

Take peeled seeds (one Cup), grind them. The resulting composition pour alcohol or vodka and allow to infuse for about a week, the place should be dark and cool. The tincture is divided into 5-7 receptions. Problem how to stop drinking forever, will be solved. In addition, the pumpkin has many useful substances for health.

Sauerkraut and green tea

To prepare the salad that will allow to quit drinking alcohol on your own and easily pass this stage, we need:

  • cabbage – 1 kg;
  • carrots – 3 PCs.;
  • green tea – 3 tsp;
  • salt (rock) – 1 tbsp

The patient can prepare the tool, which will help him give up alcohol.
Finely chop the cabbage, carefully deterrere it with salt, you should see the juice. Put to it grated carrot, tea — tamp well before the appearance of the liquid and put under pressure. After 4 days, make a few holes for gas outlet and again leave it under pressure. After another two weeks, "alcohol salad" is ready to use. It can be used alone, or with other dishes. You need to keep it in a cool place.

If the patient, in addition to the frequent use of alcohol, prone to hypertension, to this recipe you can add celery (root) and beet root. Included with these products of substances with regular use can change a person, making it remains a healthy member of the family who are able to independently generate their needs and will allow you to stop drinking alcohol without the mess.

Now you know how to get rid of alcohol at home, quit drinking alcohol, and delicious good for the body!

Birch smoke

When many people who were concerned with the question how to quit drinking alcohol, using the method of birch smoke. It was necessary to sprinkle the wood birch simple sugar and burn, and then quickly extinguished. The smoke takes a few times to take a deep breath and then drink a glass of alcohol. For some it was the last alcohol dose, because the desire to drink disappeared on their own.

Maral root

The tool has been used successfully for the treatment of various stages of alcoholism, including chronic. How to recover from alcoholism on their own, as to give up the habit to take alcohol? How to stop drinking and never return to his former way of life? To buy this infusion in any pharmacy and start the course of treatment (it lasts 21 days). The remedy is taken in a dosage of 15-20 drops per 50 ml of water 15-20 minutes before meals up to three times a day.

The root helps to work the Central nervous system, which is very important in self-treatment of dependence on alcohol and its effects. It also normalizes blood pressure (upwards), helps to cope with cardiac activity with their work, cleans the vessels.

honey alcoholism


How to quit drinking forever alone, how to abandon common boozes' of alcohol? What to use for this safe asset? Patients often think about such questions, and the answer to them is very simple. To eat honey! According to studies, a craving for alcohol increases with a drop in body potassium levels. If you don't know, a lot of potassium in honey. So, eat health, and the problem of how to get rid of alcohol alone, will disappear by itself. To give up alcohol will be easy!

You can always stop and start a new life, most importantly — a strong desire and great patience. The main thing — to do what the soul asks not to succumb to depression, to accomplish their daily desires and to quit addiction.