The harm of alcohol

Many people know that alcohol is harmful for the entire body and the human psyche. The harm of alcohol starts with memory and ends with serious illnesses, which can not treatable, and in some cases lead to death. According to recent studies, even low doses of alcohol may lead to some changes in the brain and other body systems. The harm of alcohol is applied not only to the drinker but also the people around him, society as a whole.

alcohol kills

The harm of alcohol on the human body

The harm of alcohol on the body can be enormous. The molecule of alcohol is rapidly absorbed into the blood and spreads throughout the body. The process of absorption begins in the oral mucosa, the mucosa of the stomach absorbs about 20% alcohol, and most of the accounts in the small intestine. Alcohol easily penetrates the cell membrane of all tissues, but its amount depends on the amount of water in the cage. Therefore, most of the ethanol is absorbed into brain tissue: 1.5 — 2 times more than in tissues of other organs. In the liver there is also a high alcohol content, as it serves as a filter of the body and neutralizes substances harmful for him.

To take alcoholic beverages is harmful, regardless of the frequency of adoption and age. A positive impact is incredibly small compared to the harm caused to the human body beverages containing ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Especially noticeable negative influence of alcohol at a young age when the alcohol use is distorted the internal picture of the world for life.

From alcohol can suffer other organs and systems of the body:

  1. vessels and heart;
  2. urinary system;
  3. the stomach and intestines;
  4. reproductive system;
  5. nervous system.

After the first dose of alcohol its molecule is oxidized at a speed of 85-100 mg/kg per hour. If alcohol is consumed frequently, the oxidation rate increases, there is resistance to large doses of alcohol. The first consequence of the harm from alcohol is a violation of the memory even after a small amount of alcohol. The higher the dose of alcohol, the more a person suffers from memory lapses. According to the facts about the dangers of alcohol one glass of liquor can kill brain 1000-2000 cells. 95% of alcoholics and 85% of moderate drinkers observed in this figure.

the effect of alcohol on the nervous system

The harm of alcohol on the Central nervous system is manifested primarily by the fact that alcohol molecules at the initial stage get into the nerve cells. This is due to the high property alcohol to dissolve fats, which most found in the shell of the nerve cells and is over 60%. The alcohol penetrates the neuron and delayed it, as its cytoplasm contains higher levels of water. Alcoholic drinks quickly excite the nervous system, causing the person becomes cheerful and relaxing. The alcohol accumulates in the nerve cells and slows down their functioning.

Liver cells suffer greatly from alcohol because they are forced to rework its molecules, although not designed for this. With the development of alcoholism, the liver wears out and its cells begin to degenerate. In place of the affected liver cells there are fragments of adipose tissue. Causing working liver decreases in size it is not able to process harmful toxins. Liver disease can affect the condition of the brain, causing irreversible damage.

The harm of alcohol for the body is manifested in the lack of thiamine, which plays an important role in the activities of the body. Thiamine or vitamin B1 is extremely important for many processes, and its deficiency leads to various pathological conditions and diseases. If there is insufficient thiamine, the brain and nerve cells is reduced, leading to a variety of disorders from the nervous system. The lack of vitamin B1 is due to malnutrition, disorders of metabolic processes in the body, as consumed large amounts of alcohol and a person is poorly nourished.

Alcohol and Smoking

Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes themselves are harmful for the body. Smoking in combination with alcohol deals a double blow to the body. Molecules alcohol and nicotine are absorbed into the bloodstream, interact with red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to tissues and carbon dioxide back from the tissues. Ethanol dissolves the protective layer with the outer surface of red blood cells, removing voltage from them, causing the red blood cells clump together with each other and form large balls. With increasing doses of alcohol consumed and cigarettes smoked their sizes increase. This leads to the formation of clots in blood vessels, impaired blood flow to some areas of the brain and other human systems.

The harm of alcohol and Smoking is reflected in the effect of mutual amplification. According to information about the dangers of alcohol risk of cancers of the lung, larynx, drinkers smokers 7-9 times higher than those who do not smoke; in alcoholics — up to 5-6 times than sober people. Combining two bad habits malignant tumors can arise in 40% of cases. Eliminating at least one factor, the risk is greatly reduced.

alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs

Drugs combined with alcohol cause tremendous harm to the organism and can lead to frequent deaths. Addicts can dissolve drugs in alcoholic drinks to get double the fun. Use either similar or opposite to lower the action of one of them. Most often with alcohol combine cocaine. After this cocktail of nerve cells in the brain instantly amazed, as the body acts on two types of management: constraining and stimulating, completely opposite of each other.

Deterrent substances soothe and relax the nervous system, stimulating force her to be active. Alcohol in this case is the limiting substance, suppressing the nervous system, and cocaine is a stimulating, exciting and activating the nerve cells. This combination often ends with the death of a person.

Combining alcohol with drugs, man suppresses the body's basic reflexes and vital functions. Even at low doses of alcohol and drugs may be impaired respiratory function. Intoxicated people are not able to control the dose taken drug and alcohol enhances the effect of even small doses of narcotic substances. Therefore, the harm of alcohol and drugs turns into a deadly threat to life.

The harm of alcohol for women

The researchers found that the damage effects of alcohol on the body of women much higher than men. This is due to the structure and peculiarities of the female body. Tolerance for alcohol of women is much lower than among men, so that female alcoholism is developing faster and is treated much more difficult. In women with alcohol dependence faster affects liver cells, heart muscle weakened, broken blood vessels, depletes the nervous system. The harm of alcohol for women is manifested in the aging of the skin, rapid aging of the whole organism, change of voice and appearance. The woman is ugly, aggressive and unable to control yourself.

About the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy known to everyone. The use of alcohol during pregnancy leads to negative consequences for the fetal brain, and later they are expressed in poor development of the bodies, psyche and behavior of a child. If the mother is systematically drank during pregnancy, the child develops fetal alcohol syndrome (fetal alcohol syndrome). In children with this syndrome often have malformations of the external organs, hands and feet small, head is disproportionate compared to the body. They slowly grow and develop compared to their peers. These children are not able to perceive information, remember bad and harder to adapt to the outside world.

In a child with fetal syndrome brain volume was less than normal, the number of brain cells and neurons is much below normal. Neural cells of the brain these children are not able to function normally, which leads to behavioral and psychological disorders. The child may be aggressive, reduced capacity for logical and abstract thinking. It's hard to get used to socializing with other children, to be socially active. Such a child often becomes an alcoholic, so addiction is inherited.

alcohol and teenagers

The harm of alcohol on the body teen

The dangers of alcohol for teenagers is higher than that of an adult organism, as the child is at the stage of formation. The dangers of alcohol for teenagers is manifested in the inhibition of growth, delayed development of mental and sexual functions, muscle, affect a person's appearance. Worse young body treats alcohol and not able to resist his influence. Enough 100 grams of wine or vodka to get teen drunk. Teenage alcoholism develops in 5 - 10 times faster than in adults. We should highlight the harm of alcoholic energy drinks, which seem to be harmless. However, they contain ethanol, and can pose a threat to a child's life.

The harm of alcohol on the organism of the child and the adolescent is expressed as follows:

  • violation of the chemical processes in the brain and nervous system of children, causing developmental delay, impaired memory;
  • reduced ability of the teenager to school and other areas of science, creativity;
  • reduced capacity for logical and abstract thinking;
  • the manifestation of psychoses and depressions;
  • children and adolescents emotionally degraded, reduced real perception of the world.

It is very important to the family and educational institutions to tell about the dangers of alcohol for teenagers and students. Regular preventive conversation about the dangers of alcohol will help to protect children from addictions further alcoholism.

The harm of alcohol to others

Experts claim that alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs as it acts oppressively on the body, causes a person to have outbursts of aggression, making it unable to control his actions, prone to violence and even murder. The harm of alcohol is evident not only for the person but also to others. In a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, the person may attack another person to start a fight for no reason.

About 80% of cases of domestic violence occur under the influence of alcohol, about 60% of all crimes are committed in a state of extreme intoxication. A person is not able to control their actions and deeds. About 50% of all traffic accidents are caused by alcohol effects on the body of the driver. A drunk person behind the wheel can cause harm to other drivers and pedestrians.

Harm and benefits of alcohol

Many scholars and modern scientists arguing about the dangers and benefits of alcohol. Recent studies have shown that drinking wine several times a week can significantly lower the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, to protect them from diabetes. Red wine contains large amounts of antioxidants that inhibit the aging process and kills cancer cells. Reduces the amount of blood clots, and therefore preventing the risk of blood clots. But is it really?

abstinence from alcohol

Alcohol, even in small doses causes emotional dependence. Academician Pavlov found that reflexes after drinking small amounts of alcoholic drinks will disappear, and come back to normal after 7 — 11 days. Gradually, the amount of alcohol consumed may increase. According to the people who moderately consume alcoholic beverages, after 4 years the probability of shrinkage of brain cells is 85%. Alcohol in low doses is harmful to the liver, blood vessels and human skin. Increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension, pancreatitis and cancer. Are you getting harm or benefit from alcohol, it's up to you, but it is better to protect yourself from harmful habits.

About the dangers of alcohol need to know each person, since childhood, as the consequences can be irreversible. It is necessary to conduct regular discussions on the impact of alcoholic beverages among youth and adults, to attract the society towards a healthy lifestyle.