How to quit drinking

Disclaimer! This is not medical research. I will consider only the psychological side of the problem, respectively, methods to stop drinking are about overcoming the psychological and not physical dependence.

alcohol dependence

What is alcoholism

The great Soviet encyclopedia defines alcoholism as "a chronic progradient mental disease". This means that first a person develops a psychological dependence, not physical, which occurs on the second or third stages, but more on that later. While the disease has not gone too far, it can and must fight on their own. Medical assistance is required only in the most severe cases, which, hopefully, will not happen.

Alcoholism can be managed independently even after several years of regular "libations"

Signs of alcoholism

To determine the degree of dependence independently is difficult, the more that "inside" it is difficult to assess the situation objectively, but the following signs should alert you:

  • "Non-alcoholic" party be boring — it is unclear why bother leaving the house if there where invited, can't drink. It seems that such an event will be boring, sad, nothing to talk about, everyone will sit, staring at the ceiling, and sipping tea.
  • Start drinking one in the company, as a socially unifying action, but only to achieve a state of alcoholic intoxication. Not necessarily something sturdy: it could be beer and low-alcohol cocktails — the most important thing with alcohol.
  • Sober a condition associated with increased anxiety, discomfort.
  • It becomes difficult not to drink for several days — even if circumstances require, for example, antibiotics, need to work or study.
  • Suspicious attitude towards nondrinkers. It seems that normal people just can't drink it — reducing the criticality of the problem of alcoholism, the subconscious desire to justify it.
  • Amnesia during strong intoxication. Increasingly, after drinking the person may not remember what happened yesterday and at what point he lost control of himself and events. The day after the party turns on the "amazing stories".

If you had two or more signs is a serious reason to think

Alcohol abuse

My example is not joyful, but with a happy ending: I myself went through a period of alcohol dependence and getting rid of it, so I want to share what helped me and hope will help you.

female alcoholism

In the period from 19 to 22 years, I was rarely sober at least one day. This morning on my way to University I drank a big jar of the cheapest cocktail on the big change — another, well and on the way home a couple. And in the evening I met with friends to drink really hard stuff. The Friday meeting is often delayed until Monday morning.

At some point I realized that I was no longer responsible for their actions while intoxicated — in the morning I felt bad and ashamed, I didn't remember what I was doing, but judging from the stories is any good. I was refused meetings if they could not drink. The prospects are good for drinking, on the contrary, could go anywhere, at least for 200 km. from the city by train. Once the doctor prescribed me antibiotics, but I couldn't pass the 5-day course: do not drink several days in a row for me was a daunting task. Alcohol is so firmly became part of my life that the budget he had allocated a special item of expenditure, and it became paramount.

The first sign of a developing disease — excessive alcohol consumption: more times-two in a week, the desire to drink even without cause and the company

Causes of alcoholism

Most people start drinking in their Teens, about 15-16 years old. It is noteworthy that initially the alcohol no one likes the beer is bitter, vodka is too strong and burns, to more expensive and delicious alcohol there is no money. Young adults drink literally overcoming himself, and this is for several reasons:

  • "Herd mentality" — in the teenage companies, the alcohol becomes the main connecting element;
  • the desire to look older and "cooler";
  • shyness, alcohol can make you feel more confident, easier to communicate, especially in a new company.

In adults, the causes are similar, except, perhaps, the desire to look older. It replaced, on the contrary, the desire to feel "the unbearable lightness of being", in adolescence, to turn away from the pressing problems, to absolve themselves of responsibility.

People are starting to drink to cope with self-doubt, fear, anxiety

Stage of alcoholism

  1. It's hard to fight the urge to drink. It keeps critical thinking and common sense, but not understand why give up something that brings him so much pleasure. Moreover, at this stage, the person seems like he's still in full control of what is happening, although it is not nearly as. Health, career, relationships with people are shifting slowly in the scale of priorities down. Gradually increasing tolerance to alcohol — that is, people slowly got drunk, but calls it "I know how to drink." Can cause memory loss — an aspiring alcoholic does not remember what happened when he had already reached the condition. The main thing — the unfortunate loses quantitative control, he drinks until until you literally fall under the table.
  2. Tolerance to alcohol reaches its peak — drink and not get drunk. Psychological dependence is added a physical: if you do not drink, and manifested a withdrawal syndrome — the patient is bad, as in narcotic withdrawal. At this stage, willpower is no longer enough to require medical attention.
  3. Tolerance to alcohol, on the contrary, decreases. As they say, man enough to just sniff the lid to get drunk. This is due to the fact that at the previous stage, with increased tolerance, the alcoholic drank alcohol liters (a healthy person would have fallen from such a dose in a coma), and eventually liver stopped producing the enzyme that breaks down alcohol. The control is completely lost, an alcoholic cannot fight the addiction, comes the social, physical and mental degradation.

I was in the first stage, but confidently walked up to the second. I have become immune to alcohol: a daily dose of alcohol I have not drunk, just maintained in working condition. To get drunk, I needed to drink several bottles of wine.

To deal with alcohol addiction without assistance on the first stage, while physical dependence does not

the harm of alcohol

The harm of alcohol

About the health effects nimia libations written a volume of medical research, there is no need to list them here. This cirrhosis of the liver, and the personality change, and problems with the heart and digestive disorders, and increased mortality men, and hundreds of other diseases.

The trouble is that in his youth, while health is still strong, it seems something very distant. Almost unreal. It seems that this happens after many years, and perhaps inevitable. Therefore, in candid conversations with a need to emphasize the other — what is important now.

The loss of beauty and youth

In 20 years all the girls are beautiful: young fresh skin, delicate oval face, strong muscles, sonorous voice, bright eyes.

It is a pity that intoxicated it all disappears. And with prolonged alcoholism forever. There is not one girl that looked attractive, losing control over their actions. Facial features blurred, she can get dirty in his own vomit or urine itself not to see, in this case the behavior becomes obsessive — drunk woman think she is irresistible and all men crazy about her, full of passion and love for her.

Morning brings a puffy face, hoarse voice, uncertain motion, earthy skin color.

If the disease has gone too far, in 20 with small girl can look "bad" 40.

Alcohol not only affects health, it takes away memory, youth and beauty.

How to get rid of dependence

The easiest way to quit drinking — just quit drinking alcohol. However, this requires remarkable willpower and constant internal persuasion. So I offer a few tips that will help you cope with the psychological dependence.

To find an alternative

The first and most important thing that you should do is to find a hobby that is not associated with alcohol, and better — conflicting. For example — sports, dance, theater. It must be real passion, something that makes you "burn". Deceive ourselves will not be just a gym won't fit, you need to choose something for everyone: martial arts, fire dance (POI), calligraphy lessons. Very soon it becomes clear that even after a bottle of beer training becomes a torment, fireball tries to fly in the face of the brush trembles in the hand and leaves untidy spots of ink on rice paper.

A nice bonus you will get a great lesson (which could potentially turn into a new profession), additional circle of friends, new friends.

In my case, it began martial arts — first judo, then Karate Kyokushinkai. This is a very intense sport that requires full commitment, to combine it with alcohol and/or Smoking is impossible. I had to choose, and I chose health and beautiful strong body.

sport in the fight against alcohol

Simple fitness or Jogging has not had the desired effect: martial arts is not only a sport but a philosophy, a nurturing spirit. On the Mat you every day vincere yourself, make a feat — and the people around are doing the same. Defeating weakness of the body, learning to do push-UPS and chin-UPS a hundred times, survive 10 fights in a circle, it would be a shame not to overcome the psychological weakness.

Put yourself in a situation for an uncompromising choice, so that alcohol lost

To change the circle of communication

Communicate with teetotal friends. Don't test my willpower and heroic to go to drinking parties — do not soak. Don't settle "to sit with a beer", thinking that only juice — no, friends, not realizing the depth of the problem, be sure you appetitus in to drink.

At the same time to check who in your community really appreciates you, and who you only want as her escort to the nearest bar.

My abstinence from alcohol meant the loss of 80% of the contacts, and at the time it seemed a tragedy, but after a couple of years, it became clear that everything worked out for the best. Now I'm 34, and many of my old friends still lead the teenage life, odd jobs, and sitting on the neck of the parents. Someone already drunk and died or died in a state of intoxication. Many have begun an irreversible health problems.

The sports section gave me great motivation and strong support — I was surrounded by people who supported my passion for sports, and each of them struggled with his demons. Everyone came in karate is not just.

Don't limit yourself forever

Keep to everything easy attitude. No need to think monumental in terms of "I quit drinking because I'm an alcoholic." So any will be a feeling of hopelessness develop depression and uncontrollably pulls to alcohol. Think: "I'm reducing my addiction, but it's not forever. As soon as I retake control of the situation, I will again be able to drink."

Despite the widespread belief that alcoholics never, ever can drink any slivers or quarters of the SIP, the above statement is not a lie. As soon as the addiction will be gone, you can safely drink alcohol in moderation while being a master of yourself, not to indulge in alcoholic amnesia and obtaining the full enjoyment of "gatherings".

I never put "fat spots" did not decide that it is "forever and ever" — this thought was very scary and the motivation was gone. Like Solomon, I said to myself: "this too shall pass". I was thinking all the time that I do not forbid myself. I can drink if I want — but I — the real me — I didn't want.

About 5 years I didn't drink at all. When I realized that addiction is no more, the alcohol came back into my life in the form of a glass of champagne on New Year innectis or pints of beer on Friday with friends. Alcoholic past something gave me: I well know the beginning of intoxication, and know when I've had enough. I'm not one of those who says thickly, "I glass as sobrii.!". I stop as soon as starts to make noise in the head, because I remember very well how bad, embarrassing and a chore to me tomorrow. I like to keep control of your body and mind — what is given to everyone from birth, and we willingly abandon this.

It is believed that the loss of quantitative control is one of the first signs of a developing addiction, and it is irreversible. In any case, do not argue with doctors, but I believe that a strong will, provided that the disease has not gone too far, that can handle it.

The right attitudes will help to get rid of alcohol addiction

abstinence from alcohol


  1. Alcoholism does not develop immediately. In the early stages of the disease can be recognized and stopped.
  2. On the second and third stage, the alcoholic loses not only health but also beauty, youth, and social relations.
  3. With the right mental attitudes over time, ex-alcoholic can drink a couple of glasses on holidays, keeping a quantitative control.
  4. In case of failure it is important not to blame yourself, not to fall into despair and hatred. Each time the stick will be easier.