How to quit drinking beer

A bottle of beer in the hands of passerby today does not cause such a disturbance as it would 30 years ago. Daily beer consumption many people became a habit like the only way to relax after a busy day or weekend. It all starts innocently – with the use it 1-2 times a week. Gradually the dosage and frequency increase, the problem starts with health.

dependence on beer

How is alcohol dependence beer

Beer – low-alcohol beverage. It affects the nerve receptors of the human body, adjusts his reactions and feelings, exhilaration and sense of lightness. At first, to feel better, man enough one banks or even less. But over time, with regular consumption of beer to achieve euphoria need bigger doses. So one bottle in about 3 or 0.5 liters gradually becomes two or three liters a day.

Addiction to beer develops in 3-5 times faster than any alcoholic beverage. Thus every week the hangover will be more difficult, and quit the habit will be almost impossible.

The reasons for drinking beer

Before you stop drinking beer every day, you should understand the reason of consuming this alcoholic beverage. Most common are the following 5 reasons:

  1. A way to escape from problems – the most common cause worldwide. It is difficult to overcome itself, if used to postpone for the sake of the bottle. Alcohol brings joy and a false sense that everything's gonna sort itself out.
  2. A way to relax. Modern life is replete with stressful situations. To cope with them is quite difficult, as the rhythm and the usual way do not give the opportunity to take a breather. In such cases, the person is looking for simple and quick ways to relieve stress alcohol, Smoking, drugs. An alternative to these bad habits can become a hobby. For example, something soothing like embroidery or, conversely, extreme – snowboard.
  3. Way to stay "his" in the company. Collective alcohol consumption are the norm for holidays with friends, colleagues, and often relatives. The man who is behind "their" will to coerce and to persuade "a social drink". The only way to sleep is to change the environment if it is not possible to drink non-alcoholic beer or kvass.
  4. Way to get rid of boredom. If beer became a way to paint life, can help new Hobbies. For example, you can sign up for dancing or pottery, to learn a stunt bike or learn to swim new style.
  5. Way to quench your thirst. Sometimes people like beer for its taste. It's not terrible, but becomes a problem when alcohol begins to replace other drinks. Best option how to quit drinking beer will be the reduction of doses and replacement with other beverages: kvass, juice, lemonade.
beer and vodka

Beer is not less harmful than vodka

There is a perception that beer is not dangerous, as the alcohol content is not too high. In the Czech Republic the local drink it almost barrels, but do not drink too much. Only Czech beer is a quality natural product with an alcohol content of up to 3%. In other countries, the producers often bring the strength of the drink up to 12-14%, and in some places it still can and dilute with more spirits.

Speaking about the harmlessness of beer and many people compare it with vodka. The quality of vodka is determined by the degree of purification: the less fusel oils, the better the product. These substances are very harmful to the body. Their contents in good vodka should be 3 mg/liter. Beer from them is not clear at all. Therefore, the content of fusel oils in it can reach 50-100 mg/liter. Thus, beer in large amounts may be harmful vodka. The more that 2-3 jars of 0.5 l can be ethyl alcohol as much as 0.5 liters of vodka. Often after mixing of alcoholic beverages relatives or friends of that person are forced to hire the services of a budget withdrawal from binge at home or in hospital. Therefore, it is better this is not to be trifled with.

What is the danger of beer alcoholism for men

Beer contains phytoestrogens, which, after ingestion, affect the body like estrogen, the female hormone. It blocks the production of male hormone – testosterone. As a result, men suffers greatly appearance: growing "beer belly", and together with it – the chest, expanding the pelvis, rounded shoulders, there is a decrease in the amount of hair on the body. Along the way, changes occur in nature. From strong-willed and strong man becomes weak-willed and apathetic. Possible hysterical and bitchy reactions to several incidents in life. From drinking beer affects many internal organs, crash potency, decreased libido.

What is the danger of beer alcoholism for women

Drinking beer is no less dangerous for women. An overabundance of the hormone estrogen leads to disruption of the body. Beer is a nutritious drink that trigger appetite. Often drink it for no less caloric snack. This leads to obesity and the appearance of cellulite.

Excess estrogen causes changes to the voice of girls, he becomes more rude, aggressive and promotes the growth of whiskers above his lip. Problems appear in particular with the reproductive system. Most often beer consumption negatively affects the ovaries and fertility.

the dangers of beer on the body

What organs are most affected by the consumption of beer

Beer – alcoholic drink, the use of which is not less detrimental to the body than vodka or cognac, as it is not such a large percentage of alcohol content compensates for a large number of drinks. First of all, suffer such bodies:

  • Brain. Due to the use of beer die neurons. They do not receive enough oxygen, as clogged blood vessels. This is not the only harm from alcohol – burst blood clots, hemorrhages occur in the brain. In addition, consumption of beer reduces the brain activity of at least 20%, disrupts memory, prevents to make informed decisions.
  • The liver. Due to the use of large doses of alcohol suspends the purification of the body and received from food toxins. The liver is busy processing harmful ethyl alcohol. The result is increased risk of Contracting serious diseases: hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer.
  • Heart. Due to the abundance of high-calorie drink and food, from obesity begins to suffer not only the body but also the heart muscle. This complicates the work of the heart. It also increases the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, the pressure increases.
  • Kidneys. To clean the blood from harmful substances need water. People who drink beer, rarely think about the fact that after evening get-togethers to restore the water balance. So after a few hours the kidneys have to work dry and with overloads. Over time, because of this starts the withering away of the cells of the body, it decreases in size, develop the disease. For example, kidney stones, chronic insufficiency, arteriosclerosis, infarction of the kidneys, hemorrhage.

Alcohol affects all internal organs. It affects health and appearance. People often turn to clinics and treatment centers with a request to set up a drip at home after a binge, because are not able to come to the hospital because of the terrible state of health and ashamed of themselves for how they look.

What good is life without beer

After the refusal of drinking beer, the person waiting for the following positive developments:

  • The improvement of health. Doesn't hurt a hangover every morning.
  • Increase endurance. Gradually, the easier it will be given different physical exercises, shortness of breath will disappear.
  • You'll sleep better. Night stay will not interrupt the trips to the toilet or to fetch water to eliminate thirst. People will again Wake up rested.
  • Beautiful body with no beer belly. After I quit drinking women, they lose weight and become slimmer if in the process of recovery from addiction do not lean on sweet and starchy foods. Men rather quickly lost the "beer" belly.
  • Lost sweating, which provokes alcohol. The body gradually normalizes all the processes of life.

In addition to positive physiological changes, the rejection of the use of beer allows you to save money. Because of this you will be able to indulge in those things that wanted to buy but couldn't afford it.

the rejection of the beer

Two ways to quit drinking beer

There are two ways to stop drinking beer: a gradual failure or a radical cessation of drinking. There exists no other way or special advice on how to quit drinking beer a woman or a man. They are the same for both sexes.

To stop drinking beer need a strong will and the support of others. The first step was to find allies. If your friends are not ready to support this step, then most likely they are not friends, just drinking buddies. With the family in this respect easier – they are less alcoholic to suffer from his addiction, so it is usually very quickly go on contact.

The second stage how to quit drinking beer in the evenings and generally rid the body of toxins and balanced diet that will help to get rid of physical dependence. To cope with the psychological craving for the familiar alcohol will help new Hobbies and associates. Be sure to add sports. It will distract and improve physical fitness.

The second way how to stop drinking beer, a girl or a man will approach those who does not have a strong will to stop using the usual drink immediately. This should gradually reduce the dose of alcohol, and 2-3 weeks to stop its use every day, allowing myself a glass of in rare holidays. Some people find it easier to do, replacing the dose of non-alcoholic beer or kvass.

Useful advice on how to quit drinking beer by the psychiatrist and psychologist

Psychologists advise to refrain from drinking beer at home step by step – this will reduce the stress and burden. You can schedule lower doses of alcohol for 3 weeks or more.

Good motivation to stop drinking beer in the evenings will be a dispute. For a gambler even a small amount of the tempting prize, and will keep him from drinking alcohol.

Beer consumption is often a ritual in some companies. In this case, in order to stop drinking, you may need to radically change the environment. It's not easy, but to deal with persuasion of others may be harder.

To stop drinking beer so much easier when the body is cleansed from him. Therefore, the correct step would be a detox. You can use different food additives and medications that reduce the craving for alcohol.

Do not completely replace beer non-alcoholic counterpart. It also has a small alcohol content, and various additives and calories that will prevent to bring the body into order.