Alcoholism: how to quit drinking

Alcohol. You can treat it differently. Someone will say that alcohol is poison. Someone, on the contrary, I will answer that there is nothing to worry, it's easy to quit drinking, is wanted. Partly right both those, and others.

Based on the history of the emergence of alcoholic beverages, the specificity and the possible need for their application and use in the household needs and even perform religious cults and rituals, we can state the fact that alcohol is the companion of the human civilization and the involvement of the person and of alcohol in this case is obvious. As obvious and pernicious danger of alcohol for a man.

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A simple habit or a pathological addiction?

With each new dose taken alcohol people, regardless of their own desires and the inner goals and attitudes, is more closer to the phenomenon, which is called alcoholism, and it is to painful condition characterized by an extreme addiction to alcohol and psycho-physiological dependence on him.

Simple, unpretentious and no burdensome prank eventually turns into a social habit, then, in psychological and physical dependence, but in the end we are dealing already with a pathological addiction, which is characterized by the practical impossibility of denying a person from drinking. To start drinking is easy, but to solve the question of how to stop drinking, it is very, very difficult.

The distinction between a phase of tolerance (characterized by normal phrases such as "I want to drink, want not") and the actual stage of alcoholism (in the form of concepts, eique in "can't drink") to identify and clearly define is very difficult. Most often this process is latent (hidden and unnoticed for the patient and for those around him), no sudden jumps in the side of extreme dependence, and gradually and systematically.

Painful symptoms of alcoholism

Drinking alcohol (regardless of its type and scope), the person receives a dose of harmful substances, which does not affect the health of the body simply can not. Suffer not only digestive system but, worst of all, the brain, and therefore the whole body. The impacts of alcohol on the Central nervous system do not go unnoticed. Unbeknownst to the patient, it is a gradual personal degradation and entry into the state of so-called pathological personality, with a clear intellectual, psychological and social disorders.

But the danger lies in the fact that, in addition to the above mentioned metamorphosis and pathological changes in the field of psychosomatic medicine, there is a huge probability of occurrence of situations involving risk to life and health of a person in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and those who are with him. After all for anybody not a secret that the majority of crimes and accidents, at least in our country, occurs or happens in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

So glass after glass, man, being in firm belief in their own abilities to overcome the addictions, the self brings itself to that barrier, which (by analogy with the terminology of aviation) can be called "point of no return". Overcoming this barrier will be impossible to stop (or at least, very difficult, especially by yourself, without the help of other people).

complete rejection of alcohol

Psychological installation of the person "only drink on holidays" quite soon develops to a state that is best characterized by the title of Ernest Hemingway's "the Holiday, which always with you". Now the "iron" reasons to drink the person becomes many times more. And the reasons for alcohol consumption can be even joyful, though sad (this is not for the patient alcoholism of the person defining value and difference). Now he drinks everything and always. Worst of all, it suits him, and he does not exhibit self-initiative to find a way to quit drinking.

Is it possible to stop drinking?

Ways to stop drinking, very different and variative. There is no single conclusive answer to the question “how to stop drinking”. Easy way can only be called that when drinkers understand and are aware of their pathological attachment to alcoholic potion and decide deliberate rejection of its further use.

Measures of violent and remote effects in the treatment of alcohol dependence is practically ineffective.

Shows rehabilitation experience and reviews of relatives of persons suffering from alcohol dependence, alcoholism treatment can bring positive results only if the patient himself is ready to stop drinking. When their own internal unwillingness and denial of need for treatment, therapy and if will have any effect, it is a very short time.

The main way to stop drinking is your own and categorical refusal of alcohol. Leave only those who want to do it!

Medication methods of treatment of alcoholism

If a person is looking for their own way to quit drinking, it speaks of its rigid setup for the implementation of the treatment. In this case, you must seek the assistance of medical professionals. A methadone clinic will include a comprehensive medication cleansing the body of accumulated toxins. Then possible coding or hypnosis as a kind of easy way the treatment of alcoholism. The person subjected to an encoding or hypnosis on an unconscious level, formed the prejudice and prohibition of alcohol.

A professional psychologist will tell you how easy it is to quit drinking alcohol, will have an additional beneficial impact and will enhance the desire of the patient to continue treatment. Due to the specialized help will be much easier to determine for themselves the ways to quit drinking and build a new life without alcohol in it.

alcoholism treatment

Traditional methods of getting rid of alcohol addiction

Another way to quit drinking is to use unconventional means of folk medicine. Used such herbs as:

  • hellebore (puppeteer);
  • European wild ginger;
  • Baranets;
  • the creeping thyme.

The intake of these herbs can be a more easy way of withdrawal from alcohol. Remember, however, that the dosage of the use of decoctions and infusions of these herbs are strictly individual. And it would be better if before their use, the patient will consult with a medical expert, because many of these plants though have a relaxing and calming effect, relieving symptoms of alcohol dependence, are still poisonous. As you know, the main principle in the treatment, do no harm!

Psychotherapeutic influence as a remedy for a binge

Easy way in the treatment of alcoholism may also be autogenic training. Her technique is based on the application and use of muscle relaxation (relaxation or loss of muscle tone), auto-suggestion and self-education.

Autogenic training though, and is one of the variations of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but still noticeable and beneficial is the fact that the patient is thus directly involved in the treatment process, whereas in hypnosis he has only a passive role and receptiva.

This therapy as an option easy way to stop drinking alcohol is effective due to the fact that there is a neutralization of stress reactions and suspendisse formando factors in the body and the psyche of the patient. The person simply ceases to "love" alcohol and bids him farewell.

psychotherapeutic influence as a remedy for a binge

A wide range of exercises used in autogenic training, mainly aimed at the introduction of a person into a trance state in which the process of intensive self-regulation and auto-suggestion under the priority and top-priority classified as "need to quit drinking".

Unconscious patient perceptions of the new matrix and paradigm of behavior will lead him to conscious expression of the rejection of addiction. The need of alcohol will cease to play a dominant and defining its behavior role. In place of this will come an understanding of the need, uniqueness and value of their own life without the toxic effect of alcohol in it.