How to quit drinking beer every day. A guide to action

In this article I will present a concrete plan how to stop drinking beer every day. Let's dispense with platitudes. I'll give step by step instructions – exactly what you need to do to stop drinking beer once for all.

to stop drinking beer

Just specify in the article personally, my opinion, and personally my beliefs on the topic . And they can disagree with the opinion of the majority, but this does not mean that these beliefs are not true.

On the contrary, thanks to these principles, I quit drinking beer every day. And at the moment I don't drink more than 3 years, although it was filled with beer to "cheers" for over 10 years almost every day.

I think this fact deserves to have you read the article till the end and tried to gather the valuable information.

So, let's get straight to the point.

How to quit drinking beer every day. A guide to action

Beer – low-alcohol beverages?

Many people justify their consumption of beer, assuming the beer is a weak drink. The fact that you drink beer, not vodka, for example, or cognac, does not justify and does not protect you. If beer is a weak alcoholic drink, does not mean that you can not create a strong alcohol addiction.

And the main reason why it is difficult to stop drinking beer every day, lies in the fact that beer is considered a light drink. Stems false assumption, though the beer we by no means can form a dependence.

Guys, beer really destroys the psyche. And your denial of this fact only makes it easier to continue this destruction..

The volume of beer

Answer honestly: do you Personally can drink a beer and stop?You can limit it to one bottle of beer and say to yourself "stop"? I think the answer is no. I also could not.

It's all in the numbers. Beer is consumed much more than other drinks: we drink liters of it. Therefore beer can compete with any alcoholic beverage in terms of developing dependence.

The man who sees in beer 4%, and vodka 40%, forget to multiply it by another amount consumed. I'm not going to do arithmetic, do the math, but the point is, I think, is clear. The final figures will be comparable.

And 5 Beers or 5 glasses of wine is equivalent to the volume of half a bottle of vodka.

Awareness of this fact to make us think that it is time to stop drinking beer every day.

why I drink beer

Master of excuses. Why I drink beer.

There are many other excuses that prevent us to throw beer every day.

If at one time there was a nomination "the Master brewer's justification for 2016"on it I would have won first place.

How do you justify the fact that drinking beer every day?

Make a list of excuses "why I drink beer" and kill every justification in their own mind.

While in your brain there will be at least one false benefit that you think you get from the infusion of beer, you will not be able to stop drinking beer every day.

It looked like my list of excuses.

TOP excuses. Why I drink beer.

  1. Beer helps me to relax
  2. Beer relaxes and makes me more fun
  3. Beer helps to relieve stress after a working day,
  4. Beer have fun with friends
  5. Tasty beer,
  6. The beer is very weak and he can not be formed according to,
  7. I drink beer, not vodka, therefore I by no means can be problems
  8. Beer makes me happy.

I gradually destroyed these excuses. It was not easy to do because they seem so righteous that questioning it seems absurd.

They seem fatty pros, abandoning of which, it seems that your life can become meaningless. But it is a Mirage that generates fear, which we continue to believe.

Your own excuses for why you can't stop drinking beer every day, and is a powerful weapon that is used against alcohol yourself.

As you can say "It's not about me. I have no problem with beer", alcohol continues to successfully capture your mind mark abroad, steeper Hitler with his Barbarossa plan. You and only you voluntarily open his doors to his stronghold.

If you have moved at least one more brick in their own beliefs, then keep reading. Then comes the even more discoveries.

If not better close the website, in your case, the deception was much stronger than I thought.

managing dependence on beer

Control center addiction inside of us

Now you don't choose how much and when you drink beer. Dependency chooses when and how much you will drink beer. Psyche is driven by you, and addiction. I know it sounds crazy, but it is.

The longer you deny your underlying problems caused by the consumption of beer, the harder it is to stop drinking beer.

You notice that in sobriety:

  • colors of life darken,
  • you receive a constant inexplicable fear,
  • anxiety,
  • it binds your life activity.

The truth is not always pleasant, but it resonates in your soul. You understand that, his mother, the way it is. And maybe that's what made you want to look for the answer to the question, what's happening to me? And how to finally stop drinking beer every day?

The surprise that awaits you after you stop drinking beer every day

The second step you need to learn to recognize the symptoms of withdrawal that causes the consumption of beer. They then force you to drink again and again.

With a particular strength of these symptoms begin to act only after 4-7 days after you stop drinking beer. Such a delayed effect in time, prevents you from seeing the direct link between bad mood and the fact that you were drinking beer 7 days ago.

The existence of such symptoms explain why a person drinking beer, can not hold more than one or two weeks.

If with incredible difficulty and you will be able to hold out longer than that, the mentality sooner or later will force you to go to the store and back to buy beer.


Recommend to conduct an experiment to confirm this scientific nonsense.

  1. Try not to drink beer for some time;
  2. Soon you will see how your own psyche will force you to drink beer;
  3. You will reach the incredible power of the negative state;
  4. Drinking beer seems the best solution;
  5. You will find a good reason to justify yourself and drink.

Only then, after this, be sure to return to find out what to do.

Recognition of the problem is an important step to stop drinking beer every day

Admit, friend, that you have lost control. Admit yourself that the addiction controls you. This is a necessary step to further purification.

This is the only opportunity that helps you to quit drinking beer every day.

By doing this, you will see the enemy in the face.

And yet:

  • Feature and agnoscere how addiction causes you to drink beer,
  • agnoscere inadequate feelings that lead to the consumption of beer.

Sounds simple, but 96% of people blamed the symptoms caused by the dependence on external causes and circumstances. Making a fatal mistake, they keep coming back to his addiction again and again.

get additional knowledge

Arm yourself with knowledge.

The next step is to stop drinking beer every day, is that you need to arm yourself with knowledge. Do not underestimate the importance of the enemy. You need to get an Arsenal of knowledge that will be your weapon in the fight against alcohol. You need to understand how alcohol dependence is cheating on you and allows you to quit drinking beer. You must have your own effective techniques and to know the methods of struggle.

Quit drinking beer every day is the easiest

And generally the question itself "How to stop drinking beer every day" a little bit wrong. Because to quit drinking beer everyone can.

But what good does it do if, for example, you stop drinking beer for 1-2 weeks and then goes again? What this ostentatious heroism without results? The focus should be shifted to the goal of "How not to start drinking beer after you left?"

And for this you need:

  • to learn how to avoid the breakdown
  • learn how to maintain sobriety.

How much can you drink a beer a day? Is there a norm?

Not — acceptable standards of drinking beer there . If there is, it is equal to zero.

  • zero liters of beer a day
  • zero liters per month
  • zero liters of beer in my life.


I don't want to destroy the made-up legends of the type "the Doctors say that a glass of beer per day are useful". If you used to believe the prejudices of society, fables, and gossip, hammered like a granite stone in the majority opinion, we are with you along the way. I hope your IQ is high enough to yourself to distinguish popular fiction from the truth.

Therefore, you need to understand that to quit drinking beer every day should be once and for all.