When can I drink alcohol after taking antibiotics

Is so much sickness that without antibiotics can not cope with them. It is a strong drugs that kill not only the harmful but the beneficial bacteria. You need to take them strictly on time. Such instructions are necessary for patient safety and fast recovery. One of the most important limitations during the period of treatment to await the time when you can drink alcohol after taking antibiotics.

antibiotics and alcohol

Today the pharmacy has a very large selection of medicines and antibiotics. However, it is impossible to use such strong drugs. These should be taken only as directed by your doctor to get the result that you want and not hurt yourself. While taking medications must follow instructions.

For example, you need to take every pill at equal intervals of time (for example, 8 am and 8 PM, or every 8 hours three times a day). Taking medications need to the dosage determined by the physician. Prescription antibiotic-prescribing only specialist. Self-medication can have negative consequences.

Causes of failure from drinking

There are several reasons why you cannot combine alcohol and antibiotics. If you can not stand the period during which it is impossible to drink after antibiotics, then at least there may be some failures in the systems of the body, including in the brain. And in the worst case, it may be fatal. The reasons why it is better to wait with the alcohol:

  • Alcoholic beverages interfere with the active work of human organs, since the latter is necessary to fight the disease and at the same time remove alcohol from weak body.
  • In addition, drinking alcohol along with antibiotics, a person "kills" the heart, kidneys and liver.
  • Antibiotics damage the microflora of the stomach. Alcohol is even stronger.
  • If you are already taking a course of antibiotics, then the disease is quite dangerous and requires serious treatment. But to make it effective and really gave the result, it is not necessary to combine alcohol with pills/injections because the alcohol neutralizes the effect of antibiotics.
  • Alcohol contributes to the development of harmful microorganisms, increasing their resistance to antibiotics. So the treatment will last longer.

Possible consequences

Any of these side effects from drinking alcohol is dangerous to health and life. Appears if at least one deviation from the norm, you need to inform your doctor. In case of too severe pain or severe symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.

When alcohol immediately after the antibiotics are inevitable the consequences, such as:

alcohol effects
  • Liver failure, and pain in the liver area. The combination of antibiotics with alcohol nearly destroyed by this weak body.
  • The accumulation of harmful substances in the body. As a result of metabolic disorders alcohol may not be removed from the body for some time and poison it.
  • Malaise, nausea, because alcohol, even beer, has a negative impact on the weakened stomach and intestines.
  • Strong head, indicating dysfunction of the nervous system.
  • Allergies. The combination of alcohol and drugs may cause this reaction.
  • Dizziness as a result of intoxication.
  • Convulsions may occur for the same reason, and dizziness.
  • Brain fog, infringement of adequate perception of the world, due to the fact that the brain can not work normally.
  • Hangover even after small doses of alcohol.
  • Mental disorders associated with the inability of the brain to perceive the world.

You need to remember that it is impossible to use together antibiotics and alcohol. How many can do it, you need to know from the attending physician.

When allowed to drink

If the treatment course is over, you need to refrain from drinking alcohol beverages at least three days. This is enough time to most of the substances out of the body. However, this rule does not apply to all drugs. For example, the drug prolonged action may be reported from two to three weeks. In this case, you need expert advice.

Drugs compatible with alcohol

In a situation when it is necessary to count, how long after antibiotics can you drink alcohol, you should identify medicines which group you take.

Break not less than five days should be between taking alcohol-containing products and drugs such as:

  • pills/injections against tuberculosis;
  • aminoglycosides;
  • lincosamides (have a strong negative impact on the liver of any person);
  • cephalosporins (this can cause a number of side effects, including tachycardia);
  • macrolides (because of their toxicity of alcohol in the body increases several times);
  • the content of bleomycin.
alcohol after antibiotics

Can be taken only after a seven-day period, the drugs group nitromidazole.

If you have any doubts whether you can drink alcohol immediately after receiving these funds, doctors recommend you wait three days. It is better not to drink strong drinks. It is quite individual, and reactions of the body can be different.

Do I need to go to the doctor

If you have the desire to drink alcohol after antibiotics, no need to rush. The best option is to learn from the doctor how much time must pass after treatment. A specialist knows the characteristics of the patient, as are antibiotics.

Another option is to look at the user manual to the medication and to find information of interest, how long not to drink after antibiotics. Is it possible that the duration of the interval between administration of drugs and alcohol depends on the duration of treatment. Pay attention to it.

The longer you refrain from alcoholic drinks, the more rewarding will be your body. Drinks can be of the best quality, but it does not negate their negative impact.