Wives note: how to get your husband to quit drinking

In many families the husband is abusing alcohol. Alcoholism is hardly a rarity. Divorce from such a man cannot be called an ideal way to solve the problem. If the wife loves her husband, she will try to help to find a way how to get your husband to quit drinking. Because we live once and I want to have a number of favorite happy and healthy people.

how to get your husband to quit drinking

To detect the dependence on alcoholic beverages difficult. Not always the person drinks a lot with his wife. The husband often does not recognize the problem of alcoholism and doesn't want to be encoded. There are cases where alcohol addiction is manifested by such symptoms:

  • loss of interest in Hobbies, life;
  • the desire to drink alone;
  • irritable without cause;
  • memory lapses;
  • excessive sweating;
  • hiding the fact of drinking;
  • the shakes, nausea.

It is important to help her husband to quit drinking, because alcohol has a destructive effect on the body. Drinker feels tired, loses his eyesight, heart problems, and digestive tract, develop cancer.

In addition to the negative impact on the human body, alcohol dangerously affects the psyche. Drinking are dangerous domestic violence, problems with the law, the increasing frequency of accidents on the roads.

To help in the fight with alcoholism husband can ways:

  1. Voluntary renunciation of alcohol.
  2. Compulsory treatment.
  3. Treatment carried out without the knowledge of the drinker.

To discourage the husband from bad habits is difficult, but you need to do everything to beloved person quit drinking. Drinking an important motivation and psychological help to the alcoholic looked soberly at the world. Even if the patient ceases to drink alcohol, over time it can go back the desire drink, because to live without booze is boring. This can happen in a month, a year.

causes of alcoholism

Reasons for husband's drinking

To take alcohol men start for various reasons:

  • heredity;
  • the age when people first used alcohol;
  • the presence of harmful habits;
  • promotion colorful life with alcohol;
  • environment;
  • stress, depression.

Prospects for treatment

Treat alcoholism medicine and alternative medicine. Of course, many believe an effective campaign at a drug treatment clinic. If a man does not want to stop drinking, he needs to persuade, to motivate. Indicate on family disintegrated due to alcoholism, when alcoholics become impotent.

If before encoding has not been carried out preparatory work, the drunkard can break, start drinking again. To solve the problem of alcoholism will help family psychologist, because half of the men drink because of problems with his wife. To stop drinking you once you realize the cons of binge drinking, will realize the value of family, the role of father and husband.

Sometimes my wife can't persuade her husband to quit drinking. The beliefs of a beloved spouse does not respond. A woman is tired of coaxing, she lowers her hands. You can't do that. If you really want to help near, we need to bring the case to the end.

You have to beg, to give examples of those who have succeeded, and who failed to quit drinking. Most importantly, be able to convince.

Advantages and disadvantages

Treatments for alcoholism have different influence on the patient. Medicines cause fear of intoxication, and decoctions of medicinal herbs recover after prolonged drinking bouts. In any case, the treatment of alcoholism has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage of alcoholism:

  • increase self-esteem men;
  • the improvement of health;
  • increased immunity;
  • increased potency;
  • the formation of new connections;
  • strengthening marriages.
alcoholism treatment

Of the disadvantages of treatment for alcoholism include the following:

  • the possibility of failure (the patient again begins to drink);
  • the reluctance of the patient to be treated yourself;
  • side effects from medications;
  • the need to repeat coding;
  • lack of effect;
  • violence against the psyche (when a person is afraid to drink again);
  • the unwillingness to tolerate the hangover.

Psychological help

If a guy consume beer moderately, but often, this is a dangerous sign, because in the distant future he may become an alcoholic. Spouse refused to bad habits will need the help of his parents. It is unlikely that the man would want to lose credibility in the eyes of the father or to hurt the mother. Sometimes bibens, the father stops drinking forever, not to show bad example to the growing son or daughter.

To help resolve family issues due to which men start to drink, the usual psychologist is unlikely. In this situation not to do without couples therapy. Pair going to the psychologist will help to solve the problem. The specialist will give you the opportunity to understand the relationships. The head of the family will no longer look for answers at the bottom of the bottle.


Before the drug therapy the patient was recommended to undergo a comprehensive examination to establish contraindications to the use of drugs. For the treatment of alcoholism appointed special medicines.

Under the influence of drugs gradually produce disgust for alcohol. Sometimes on a subconscious level there is fear of alcohol because after a couple of SIPS of drink appear unpleasant symptoms.

Treatment with more effective medications in hospital. Constant monitoring of the patient makes it impossible to drink alcohol. Drug therapy includes:

  • vitamins, sedatives, antidepressants;
  • coding (introduction into the body of the drug, decreasing the desire to drink);
  • bissenova therapy. Due to the inhalation of xenon mixture restores mental abilities, thinking, memory, improves metabolism, blood flow to the brain;
  • pyrotherapy. The immune response provoked by an artificial increase in body temperature;

Alternative medicine

Also used unconventional therapy:

  • charms, spells;
  • health food, rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • prayer is often resorted to prayer native drinking;
  • drug charges — herbal tea induce aversion to alcohol, but the means it is important to prepare properly;
  • the hypnosis method is considered effective against people with high suggestibility;
  • acupuncture — influence on biologically active points, causing aversion to alcohol.

The advice of psychologists

the advice of psychologists

Wife recommended to motivate a spouse to coding, to support the solution to be treated, if necessary, enlist the help of a psychologist. Spouse it's important to know how to behave with her husband, who without a dose of alcohol becomes angry, defiant.

Rules of behavior for women who are interested in how to convince my husband to quit drinking:

  1. Not to make trouble. The cries, the accusations will lead to repeated intake of alcohol.
  2. To be patient. Try to calculate the cause of addiction of husband to alcohol.
  3. To create an atmosphere of care, comfort in the house where he lives drinking. The husband must hurry home at the cozy nest, where it is waiting for attentive wife, a delicious dinner, a cozy home environment.
  4. Ask, how was work today from the wife. You can give him small tasks (unobtrusive). No need to force him to do something. Jobs around the house needed to distract from the drinking.
  5. To come up with fun activities for the weekend (walk in nature, in the entertainment center).
  6. Stop to see bibens friends.
  7. Locate an interesting hobby that the person was not boring.

In addition, psychologists provide additional tips:

  1. Not solve problem drinker husband. He must decide for himself the difficulties.
  2. You can't be afraid of the threats that the husband leaves the family when he was forbidden to drink.
  3. Engaged.
  4. Do not let hangover severe hangover.
  5. Recall of necessary treatment, when the husband was sober.

The husband did not drink, you need to install home prohibition. Also remove the video, the behavior of the husband in a drunken state, showing aggressiveness, vim, lack of control of behavior.

How to get your husband to quit drinking without his consent

Many are wondering whether it is possible to wean husband to drink without his consent. Because often men do not recognize themselves as alcoholics and do not want to be treated. To make a man quit drinking without his consent, you need to call it an aversion to alcohol. For this purpose, use decoctions of herbs:

  • thyme;
  • centaury;
  • peony;
  • Laurus Nobilis;
  • wormwood;
  • lovage;
  • European wild ginger.

Broth pour in the alcohol. Use herbs with caution, as the effect of taking these herbs is unpredictable due to the presence of contraindications, side effects.

Also use the power of faith. Strong prayers are:

prayer against alcoholism
  • Martyr Bonifatio.
  • Moses Murin.
  • Matrona Of Moscow.
  • Healer St. Panteleimon.
  • Nicholas The Wonderworker.
  • Mother Matrona Of Moscow.
  • John Krondshtatsky.

Often people indicate that through prayer, father, brother, husband, son quit drinking.

Whichever method of getting rid of drunkenness, neither was chosen, it is important to be patient and try all the methods. If the treatment does not work, you should contact the clinic.