Why not drink alcohol with antibiotics - compatibility and effects of the reception

As antibacterial drugs react on the body together with alcohol and why not drink alcohol with antibiotics? Few people knows how to answer questions. Many ignore the ban on joint use of antibiotics, alcohol, believing that it was just a myth, which has no confirmation, and not fear the consequences. All people without exception be useful to know why during antimicrobial therapy should abandon drink.

alcohol and antibiotics

Compatibility of alcohol and antibiotics

Not all drugs along with alcohol is strictly forbidden to use. The compatibility studies between alcohol and antibiotics, performed on animals has helped to determine that simultaneous reception is sometimes possible. There is a group of drugs which leads to disulfiramopodobnaya reaction, interacting with alcohol. The so-called intoxication, manifested by vomiting, cramps, headache.

Can I drink beer with antibiotics

Beer contains ethanol, although the number is relatively small. Drink beer with antibiotics is not desirable, even soft. What happens to the body during their joint use:

  1. Slows down excretion of the active ingredients of the drug, increased toxicity.
  2. The medication is not working to full capacity.
  3. The person feels nauseous, his blood pressure rises, headache. To get rid of these symptoms is much more difficult than a simple hangover.
  4. The kidneys and liver are exposed to increased load.
  5. Central nervous system is inhibited.
  6. Disrupted digestive tract.

How negatively will be affected by the alcohol while taking antibiotics on the body depends on the type of drug, the quality of the beer, percentage of alcohol in it, individual to individual. A huge role is played by the quantity consumed.

Can I drink wine with antibiotics

Doctors are advised to avoid combining. If you decide to drink wine with antibiotics, it should be limited to a couple of SIPS and remember that it is still able to cause terrible consequences.

Why not to drink antibiotics with alcohol

The reasons for this prohibition are many, they confirmed scientifically. Antibiotics with alcohol can not, because:

wine and antibiotics
  1. The therapeutic effect may disappear or significantly diminish. Substances antimicrobial drug react not with bacteria, but with ethanol. It turns out that the medication is ineffective. This can negate the entire therapy and the doctor will have to prescribe a longer course of treatment. In most cases, this prescribed antibiotics, which renders the body an even more negative impact than the previous one.
  2. Increase the load on the liver – another reason why you can't drink alcohol with antibiotics. This body needs to cleanse the body from decay products of the drug. If the liver will interact more and with ethanol, then simply do not survive.
  3. Damaged the digestive tract. In the result, the active substance can exit the body faster than normal.
  4. There is the risk of disulfiramopodobnaya reaction. This is the strongest intoxication, which can lead even to death.

What happens if you drink alcohol with antibiotics

Consequences can be anything, but the properties of the drug are clearly broken, the side effects will be more pronounced. What can happen if you drink alcohol with antibiotics:

  • the efficacy of treatment is reduced;
  • chronic illness can worsen;
  • starts severe migraines, frequent dizziness;
  • possible death;
  • manifest allergic reactions;
  • felt nausea offers vomiting;
  • blood pressure rises sharply;
  • the liver and kidneys are exposed to significant loads.

The person who decided to take antibiotics and alcohol at the same time, will be the strongest hangover. The drug will slow down the process of conversion of ethanol into acetic acid. Alcohol is poorly excreted from the body, the intoxication lasts longer. Why no alcohol with antibiotics? Hangover when combined will be expressed by such symptoms:

  • cramps;
  • chills, followed by flashes of heat;
  • choking;
  • unexpected and sharp drop in blood pressure;
  • the strongest vomiting.

Antibiotics and alcohol

effects of akogol and antibiotics

You have already read about what each drug interacts with a drink in varying degrees, and some of them even valid to combine in reasonable quantities. This information was more clearly understood, review how the transferred specific antibiotics and alcohol, what to expect, having used them together. Most likely, if your decision about the combination of antimicrobials with a drink will be more deliberate and prudent.

Flemoklav Solutab and alcohol

Combination drug acts inhibiting the synthesis of proteins. Flemoklav Solutab can be prescribed to treat:

  • infectious lesions of ENT-organs;
  • conditions resulting from hypersensitivity to Doxycycline, Tetracycline;
  • diseases of the respiratory tract, stomach, intestine;
  • skin infections;
  • bacterial vaginitis;
  • osteomyelitis and other bone lesions, joints;
  • postpartum sepsis;
  • diseases of the urinary organs;
  • prostatitis;
  • gonorrhea, primary and secondary syphilis;
  • cystitis;
  • of pyelonephritis.

How to combine alcohol with antibiotics without consequences

If the drug is not on the list of those that can't drink together with alcohol, and in the manual it complete lack of information about this, refer to the following rules:

alcohol and alcohol
  1. It is best to show awareness and to abstain from alcohol.
  2. If possible, move antibiotic therapy, doing yet more gentle means. Will start it as soon as the event you have a need to drink. It will be necessary to wait for complete excretion of alcohol.
  3. To combine alcohol with antibiotics without effects, drink not sooner than four hours after the use of medications. Usually that's how long the absorption of substances in the blood.
  4. Do not overdo it. Drink minimal amounts of alcohol.
  5. In any case, do not drink alcoholic beverages medications.
  6. Whichever drug you take, the deadline for the complete elimination from the body can vary from several hours to one month. Alcohol also cannot be consumed in this period.