How to stop drinking alcohol — 10 simple ways

The person who asks a question how to quit drinking alcohol, is already halfway to victory. As a rule, those who suffer from alcohol addiction, I see no problem and, hence, not trying to find a solution. In order to get rid of this bad habit, you need to choose the most simple but effective method which can be used at home. Below are the 10 most common ways to quit drinking on their own.

how to quit drinking

The first step towards a sober lifestyle is a strong desire to permanently give up alcohol. And if people for some reason do not wish to seek help from professionals, then you can try to do it yourself. It is also important to choose the best way to combat the abuse of alcoholic drinks, which will allow to cope with the problem without leaving home.

10 ways to stop drinking alcohol

There are plenty of methods of getting rid of alcohol addiction. But before settling on any one, you must carefully examine all, and, if necessary, to use them in conjunction. The main thing is that the man himself wanted to overcome addiction and make the decision to quit drinking forever.

Method # 1. Medications

Before you begin to medication craving for alcohol, it is better to consult in respect of a medicinal product with a specialist. The fact that some of the pills and drops from alcoholism have a number of contraindications and side effects, so not suitable for everyone. Also important dosage in each individual case and will work with other drugs.

Besides, for the purchase at the pharmacy most of them will require a prescription which can be obtained by visiting the psychiatrist or psychotherapist. If the disease is not too far gone, you are able to be treated on an outpatient basis. Only a doctor can correctly assign treatment, taking into account the stage and severity of the disease and the patient's condition.

To get rid of the craving for alcohol is also quite feasible with natural drops from alcoholism. They include natural ingredients and have virtually no contraindications (precautions should be taken to those who have a hypersensitivity to the individual components of the drug).

It is important to know! To self-medicate is not necessary, as this may entail negative consequences, including death. Before taking the medicinal product should be mandatory to consult with your doctor.

Method # 2. The use of folk remedies

In the Treasury of traditional medicine there are many methods of treating alcoholism. But when cooking a specific recipe of decoction, infusion or tea should accurately adhere to the specified dosage.

The most popular folk remedies for alcoholism include:

  1. Infused Bay leaf – for its preparation take 7-8 dry Laurel leaves and placed in a litre capacity, containing a strong alcoholic drink. Insist on for weeks and then drink. This tool causes vomiting and diarrhea, and when used in the course of the week creates an aversion to alcohol.
  2. The fungus beetle is very effective in helping to remove cravings for alcohol. It is recommended to prepare in any form and eat. Dish with this component is pleasant to the taste, it has a characteristic mushroom flavor, but in combination with alcohol leads to the intoxication. Its main manifestations are headache and nausea that does not go away within a few days.
  3. Tincture of walnut earrings – liter jar filled with hazel catkins (the flowering period), and then fill them with vodka. Drink instead of alcohol.
  4. A decoction of the leaves of bearberry – effective for beer alcoholism. To make it, take the leaves of bearberry in the volume of 2 tablespoons and pour them a glass of boiling water. Next, prepare the tea for 15 minutes on low heat. The resulting infusion drink a tablespoon 5 – 6 times throughout the day (course of treatment is at least 2 months).
ways to stop drinking

The best results are achieved when using the plant collections, in which each component complements the other and strengthens their action. This remedy is tea from alcoholism Tibetan collection, it is characterized by a natural composition, to its use has no contraindications and side effects.

Note! Many believe that the funds derived from plants, can be taken in unlimited quantities, as they are harmless to health. This is not true, because they contain toxic compounds that in certain concentrations can cause severe poisoning. Therefore, in order not to suffer from self-medication, you need to make decoctions and infusions in a strictly defined volume.

Method # 3. Psychological methods

No need to think of bad habits to get rid of, only those who have willpower. Psychologists say that the most important thing is to create the right motivation, and, interestingly, each person is their own. That is, at the initial stage of the struggle with alcohol dependence, you must understand that the disease is there and deal with it.

You also need to find a number of reasons why life without alcohol is better than before. Based on this number of original techniques, including the easiest way to stop drinking (Allen Carr). They are based on the fact that people have to come to a conscious desire to get rid of harmful cravings for alcohol, and only then to start solving problems in practice.

Method # 4. Help of the psychotherapist

Not every alcoholic (and especially if the disease is neglected) to cope with alcohol dependence. Therefore, if your own at home do not get it, and it is the failure for the failure, nothing to be ashamed of his illness, and immediately contact a therapist.

There are many techniques in one session can get rid of the desire to drink alcohol. These include and coding by Dovzhenko, which is based on the impact on the subconscious of the patient through the use of hypnosis. But do not think that the therapist will help to solve all the problems, much depends on the desires of the individual. Therefore, these methods are only able to support those who decide to quit drinking forever.

Method # 5. Group therapy

For many of those who knows firsthand what alcohol addiction, it is important to realize that they are not alone in the fight against addiction. No wonder especially popular are clubs of anonymous alcoholics, where everyone can share their achievements and mistakes and to feel support. Thus, this method is suitable to those who overcome difficulties together prefers.

Method № 6. Physical activity

You can exercise in the gym or fitness club, you can do exercises at home or make a habit of daily morning run through the Park. Here, everyone chooses what fits him best. It is important to avoid overloads and to take it easy. As a result, this can lead to stress and, therefore, to the next breakdown.

Method # 7. Following a healthy lifestyle

This means that you must immediately abandon all existing dependencies. Often alcohol and nicotine addiction go hand in hand. If a person starts to smoke again, there is a high likelihood that he will again take up the glass. Conversely, in a state of alcoholic intoxication is very difficult to do without cigarettes. This applies to games and food addiction.

Tip! At first glance, it seems that it is impossible to immediately quit drinking, Smoking, uncontrolled gambling and computer games and in unlimited quantity to absorb food. In fact, it is easier to start a new life, renouncing all bad habits. The main thing – to believe that it is real.

Method № 8. The causes of alcoholism

The most common causes of alcohol consumption lie in the fact that a person is nothing to fill the void. He doesn't know how else to unwind and relax. In practice, it is sufficient to plan your day so that man was always doing something. Without rest is also important, but not necessarily, to combine it with alcohol.

It is very important to work in this mode, to reduce the likelihood of stressful situations to a minimum. For this, you need to completely change their attitude to the surrounding world, to perceive less negative, focusing on positive events and emotions.

Method # 9. The presence of Hobbies, hobby

If you can not make money doing what he loved, at least in the free time to do something really interesting. This may be collectibles, sports, travel. It is best to find like-minded people with whom you can share your passion and share accomplishments, or something new.

the support of loved ones

Method # 10. The support of loved ones

In the process of dealing with alcohol addiction it is important to know that there are people who will not give up and support even in the most difficult situations. Most often this is the role of relatives or friends. Usually the woman is easier to overcome the desire to drink, if she has children. She feels needed and understands that you need to stop drinking.

How to quit drinking forever

This procedure describes the method of getting rid of alcohol addiction. The author offers a thorough study symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol who are sort of mental disorders (they are typical for a person who is in a state of sobriety, but regularly drink alcohol). You should then see the process of disruption and its first symptoms. This is done with the purpose to prevent breakdown in the future. You then go through a complicated and long period of weaning, after which to start learning to live comfortably in sobriety (it will always have to work). It's not easy, but very effective way that allows you to quit drinking forever.