Steps towards sobriety: how to permanently stop drinking

The main goal of the presented material – to help people who do not know how to stop drinking alcohol forever, to show the options for achieving the psychological state when alcohol becomes necessary.

how to quit drinking

What you need to know before you quit drinking

Many are afraid to be drinking alcohol and live sober. Explains why the fear that the alcoholic brain gets used to the pleasure associated with alcohol. For a sick person requires time to break this connection.

Over time, the alcoholic will find pleasure in other areas and to dispense with the feasts. However, it will have to make the effort. To stop drinking requires the support of others.

Causes addiction

The roots of alcoholism lie in the absence within the school of education of the subject, able to teach teenagers the science of relaxation. When a person stops drinking, he needs an alternative. Because of the inability to find an opportunity to escape an alcoholic returns to dependency – cast ends with a crash.

It is important to learn to find a replacement for alcohol. On the taps TV show films in which the stress or frustration off alcohol. Drinking some vodka watching at home. As a result, as an adult, the man knows only one pleasure – alcohol.

This factor is a big problem of education. Educational institutions and school just convey academic knowledge. Unfortunately, about alcohol addiction nothing is mentioned in educational programs. How to stop being nervous, relax and relieve stress – let us examine in the publication.

How to deal with alcoholism and addiction cure

The first step to sobriety is the desire of the sick person away from drug addiction. This factor will lead to a positive result. An alcoholic needs to be convinced of the futility of the situation and understand the pain that brings friends and family.

Tips on how to find motivation:

  • to find purpose in life;
  • the desire to live – alcoholics die early.

Steps towards sobriety

A small percentage of alcoholics are able to say goodbye to the bottle forever and to stop drinking. The desire to drink overshadows the promise of himself, the drunkard is unable to resist. Such breakdowns occur because an alcoholic does not understand the purpose. Therefore, moving forward requires a gradual, though small, but confident steps.

alcohol dependence

Do not overdo the traditional medicine to cleanse the body. Medicinal plants have a number of contraindications and can cause worsening of the disease.

  1. With a clear mind, when not shaking hands, it is easier to understand that you can quit drinking. This requires motivation: the fear of losing family or work, the desire to maintain health.
  2. A lot of people wanting to quit drinking, frustrated because of the syndrome. I chose the path of sobriety, understand that the body will always demand a dose of ethanol, causing:
  • causeless anxiety;
  • a feeling of emptiness;
  • self-pity;
  • unwillingness to work because of weakness.

The period of weaning lasts up to a year and a half.

Learn to relax

The ability to relax is an important life condition. When an intelligent person is relaxed and feels comfortable, he's comfortable with even one brain working well. Otherwise, under stress the body uses a lot of resources, thinking leads to sudden changes, the patient is not able to resist. It constantly pulls something to do, somewhere to go to relieve tension.

Relaxation is a kind of serenity and peace of mind and allows you to avoid negative emotions, fears and feelings. This condition helps to get rid of the desire to drink even beer. For this purpose, psychologists offers exercises to add positive emotions into the life of the alcoholic. It is understood that it is impossible to stop drinking, if not to change lives, otherwise the bad habit of drinking alcohol will return.

The recommendations of professionals will help people who are dependent on alcohol to change the way of life and attitude to the world.

Such actions, step by step, will save the patient from old destructive habits and provide an opportunity to enjoy a new style of existence.


Wishing to quit drinking recommend physical activity. These classes will help the production of endorphins, hormones that provide a good attitude. People are different behaviors.

Useful ski trip in Park area. It is advisable to pay attention to those around the athletes to understand what their feelings are when you visit favorite pastime. So is the effect of exercise on brain chemistry.

Sport is a great stress Buster: evening jog not only relieve fatigue, but also give a good mood.

tips on how to quit drinking

Get rid of boredom

One of the reasons for alcohol addiction is boredom. For some people a sober life is dull, gray and uninteresting shade (home life). When alcohol these colors are becoming the iris. Drinking alcohol is interesting and the days pass quickly, which often seem monotonous and boring. It is an alarming sign.

If people can not long remain alone, he should find something for everyone. The lack of positive emotions is the cause of the inner emotional and nervous tension, which does not allow peace to be in place, and makes the search for something to do. Such a roundabout often results in an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The absence of any interests, Hobbies

In addition alcohol alcoholic almost do not care. The patient gets joy from simple things. Main pleasure — ethyl alcohol.

However, to find useful classes not too difficult. It can be chess and books, sports or drawing. At first such interests will not replace the feeling of joy brought on by alcohol. People partly will experience boredom and the need for taking alcohol.

For getting rid of this condition takes time to alcoholic brain got accustomed to the new ways of obtaining positive emotions, relaxation. Need high perseverance and patience to learn new Hobbies and feelings of euphoria.

Internal stress and fuss

The alcoholic is boring because he works within a kind of the little engine that could, not allowing the idle to sit a long time, driving somewhere to aim. Don't confuse this state with vigor. This is a sign of stress, lack of ability to relax, to slow down the inertia of the excited body.

Functioning in this mode, the body wears out, the person resides in the continuous nervous tension. Alcoholic drinks also contribute to calm an alcoholic drink, relaxes and calms.

How to quit drinking by yourself

To help the patient to solve the problem come the recipes of traditional medicine. Positive results in cleansing of the body bring the following tools:

  1. Infusion of Hypericum. 4 tbsp plant pour 0.5 liters of boiling water strong. The composition of insist 30 minutes, then take a decoction of 50 g twice a day. In 10-12 days the alcoholic is there an aversion to alcohol.
  2. Help to cope with alcohol, the decoction of bearberry, making will need 2 tbsp. of plants and Cup of boiling water. The mixture is boiled for 10 minutes, eat 6 times a day.
  3. The drug is prepared from 1 kg of oats. The raw material is washed, spread in a bowl and cover the grains in 1.5 l of water. Add another 100 g of calendula. The mixture is then boiled for 20 minutes, insist 12 hours in a warm place. The drink is recommended to drink three times a day, one Cup.

To help cope with the problem also tinctures that produce an aversion to alcohol. The most common recipes are those fees:

alcoholism recipes of traditional
  1. The root of Laurel and lovage pour 200 ml of vodka or moonshine. The mixture infuse for 2 weeks. Composition to filter and take at one time 50-100 g. After receiving such medications the alcoholic is a strong vomiting. Repeat dose of this drink will provoke hostility to alcohol.
  2. Unpleasant effects for the drinker of wormwood, centaury and thyme. Herbs taken in equal parts 1 tbsp Ingredients pour boiling water and infuse for 3 hours. Then the composition is filtered and given to the patient to drink 50 g. Part use 4 times a day.

To cope with the thirst experienced by the drinker, the tea in these recipes:

  1. 15 g of dry sage, mint, yarrow. Raw pour 1 liter of water, adding juniper berries, and calamus. The ingredients infuse, then decoction taken 2 times a day.
  2. 30 g of yarrow, wormwood, St. John's wort, 20 g of caraway and Angelica, 10 grams of juniper and 30 g of mint mix and grind. 1 tbsp. l. collection pour a glass of boiling water. Infusion drink in the morning and evening.
  3. The patient who wants to overcome alcohol addiction, it is recommended to take liquid that makes the blood less thick and detoxifies ethanol.

Possible consequences if you abruptly stop drinking

Alcoholism is a serious pathology. Ethanol is a toxic compound causing poisoning of the body. Long-term use of intoxicating beverages causes negative changes in the body. :

  • stop the flow of toxins that poison the organs, systems and tissues of the body;
  • docked brain stimulation psychoactive elements that are present in alcoholic drinks in large quantities;
  • engine runs clean the body of poisons.

Some patients are interested in the question of what consequences are possible if you throw to consume alcohol. Toxic substances that are found in the blood of an alcoholic, can drastically affect health. Such changes can indicate the following symptoms:

  • trembling of the limbs, nausea and vomiting;
  • indigestion;
  • dizziness;
  • poor health;
  • heart palpitations;
  • severe headache;
  • weakness;
  • arrhythmia;
  • shortness of breath.

In rare cases are more serious consequences. There is a risk of developing heart attacks, internal bleeding. It is important long after taking alcohol right to get out of this situation. A refusal may sometimes cause delirium tremens, visual and auditory hallucinations.

We cannot neglect the help of professionals, loved ones and society. You must have patience to overcome the negative effects. It is understood that you can not defeat addiction if you drink alcohol through the day. The dependence of this problem – in the mind of the alcoholic. Don't be afraid of the upcoming changes. As time passes, the patient will recover. Intoxication can bring more harm, than the rejection of alcohol beverages.

Recommendations on how to quit drinking

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease that can be defeated. If faced with a disaster – don't despair, because you can always change its position:

alcoholism recommendations
  1. Dependent on alcohol it seems that alcohol makes him happy, qualitatively gives meaning to life. However, he begins to realize the present problem, wanting to part forever with alcoholism.
  2. The most important of the victory over alcoholism becomes motivation. You should think, what will life be like after full refusal of alcohol. How many useful things people can do. His family will be happy again, he will be able to return to a prestigious job or not lose the one where he now works. Even the fact that a drunkard can become healthy, prolonging your life is great motivation.
  3. The decision must be unwavering, clear and crisp. You need to prove to everyone and myself that I have a desire to become a strong individual with enough willpower. Since that time, you should forget about drinking. Drug experts along with psychologists are strongly recommended to ward off any thoughts about drinking, and to ignore them (helps with that and prayer). To facilitate the victory over addiction should get professional help of a specialist who can recommend what pill to ease the condition. A competent professional will help defeat the disease. If there is a last stage of the disease – it is better to resort to the method of coding using hypnosis.5
  4. When you're confident that you will be able to cope with the existing problem, you need to act! Forget about communicating with friends, drink. Often a person begins to drink just for the company, they do not realize the reasons to do so. Gradually, this behavior becomes a habit that causes dependency. When I have friends, certainly drinking at meetings, stop to communicate with them.
  5. It is advisable to surround yourself with loved ones. Their support is very important. Do not turn in on itself – this will certainly cause relapse, which will begin after the booze out of loneliness. Try to occupy yourself with interesting work, such as sports. Favorite hobby will help distract from Intrusive thoughts about drinking.
  6. Persistence in achieving goals. Doctors recommend patients to have a personal diary of recovery. For a month record all the events and feelings in particular situations, positive experiences and joyful moments. Fix achievements so formed NLP. Then you need to compare sober emotions with those that emerge under the influence of alcohol. See the difference, understand that we are much happier.
  7. Confidence in their own abilities. Remember daily motivation to live a full healthy life, delighting not only themselves but also people around them. When suddenly appears a strong desire to drink – remember how many days past without the use of this poison. Even if it took a little time this achievement, there is no turning back. Move forward, make sure to reach the goal!