It is no secret that to cure this disease that affects not only the body but also the mental state, it is often extremely difficult. There are also known cases when to get rid of alcoholism or its consequences practically impossible. Moreover, often the patient himself is aware of that, what consequences it will lead abuse of alcoholic beverages. Despite this, the patient can not overcome the addiction itself.

Alcoholism is no joke addiction, which affects the human body is as harmful as drugs. The result of the abuse of alcohol is a negative influence on the work of all organs and systems of the human body. In addition, under the influence of the established or emerging dependence also suffers intellectual sphere, the human psyche and a set of characteristic social traits.


In addition to the physical harm done by alcohol, it is impossible not to remember the main systems and organs affected by alcohol. So, patients with alcoholism usually have trouble with work:

  • liver;
  • the Central nervous system;
  • of the brain;
  • the genitourinary system;
  • of the digestive tract.

Gastritis is frequent for the alcoholic phenomenon that the stronger pains of the patient, the stronger develops alcohol dependence. Pancreatitis and peptic ulcer disease are common among patients with alcoholism people. These diseases cause patients to suffer from chronic pain or constant attacks of these diseases. Doctors report that alcoholics are also included in the group of people who have an increased risk of Contracting tuberculosis.

All of the above suggests that alcoholism must be treated, guided by professional experts.


It should be remembered that the effect of alcohol on the mind and body of man is manifested already in the early stages of alcohol dependence. The person drinking for 3-5 years, as a rule, it is clear that he is an alcoholic. In addition, various medical and psychiatric tests show a significant deviation from the indicators taken as the norm. Period of addiction to alcohol, as well as the period for which the alcohol destroys the human body, are quite small, however, the treatment of alcoholism, as a rule, laborious and time consuming.


Doctors have long studied the phenomenon of alcoholism. Also were summed up and the argument of the theoretical and evidence base. If we consider that the theoretical component is the basis for all practical action, we can safely say that modern drug treatment have a powerful influence on patients. Methods of treatment used in modern narcology, sometimes allow you to heal and to bring life to the people even a few decades ago would have been considered hopeless.


The first step in combating this harmful addiction is a treatment for those patients who already suffer from alcoholism. While treating patients, and conducting active propaganda sober lifestyle, it is possible (according to forecasts) to make alcohol less common among the population.

Among the main methods of struggle with alcohol dependence are:

  • the coding of the patient;
  • filed patient targeted medications that are incompatible with alcohol.

We can say that the essence of these methods is psychotherapy. Specialist assures the patient that alcohol is that alcoholic will drink, will negatively affect human health and the health of this very minute.

Work therapist, carried out with the alcoholic, basically is also the formation of critical thinking about alcohol and the belief that alcohol is in no way to improve the quality of life and positively affect the health of the patient.

The patient also needs to understand that the deterioration after alcohol withdrawal is a temporary phenomenon and is necessary to continue the psychotherapy sessions. Only awareness of what is happening may be for the alcoholic the key to a cure, improving the physical and mental state and further recovery.

Motivate the patient is one of the main factors in the cure. The effect of treatment will have power only when the alcoholic is aware of why he refuses from alcohol.


No matter what measures are employed for the treatment of alcohol dependence, it is necessary that the methods meet the following criteria:

  • sufficient force;
  • the argument for a particular patient;
  • no conflicts of selected methods with each other;
  • the complexity of influence.

At the moment there are two main groups of methods to combat alcoholism:

  • traditional methods;
  • the official methods.

Experts note that a professional psychiatrist, who does not hesitate to use the effective traditional methods in their practice is likely to achieve the best results in the treatment of their patients from harmful alcohol addiction.

Official medicine in the primary stage of treatment using such drug and psychological methods of working with patients:

  • the introduction of vitamin preparations;
  • the introduction of the soothing means;
  • total therapy reinforcing means;
  • psychotherapy sessions.

If the impact force of the primary stage of treatment was not enough, doctors begin to treat the patient according to the schemes of the second phase of treatment. It is based on the use of such funds:

  • apomorfina therapy;
  • pyrotherapy;
  • GI (hypoglycemic) therapy.

In addition, at this stage, specialists are often connected group or family effects on the patient. Sometimes also used the method of deep hypnosis, allowing you to make a strong impact on the subconscious of the patient. Subsequent treatment is aimed at maintaining the effect, which was achieved while working with the patient in the primary and secondary periods. At this time the use of such funds:

  • lithium salt;
  • coding;
  • tranquilizers;
  • psychotherapeutic treatment;
  • placebo, etc.


People's ways of dealing with alcohol dependence often include therapeutic nutrition. The people argue that the patient is what he eats. That is why so widespread in folk medicine acquired products. It is believed that the replacement of vitamins and essential nutrients is one of the required for alcohol events. As a rule, in the diet of alcoholics folk medicine uses:

  • cereals and grains (energy);
  • a variety of fruits (provide vitamins);
  • vegetables (supplied with fiber).

Methods of traditional healing in the treatment of alcoholism help:

  • to clean the liver;
  • to normalize the kidneys;
  • to treat and regulate the stomach;
  • to clean the vessels and normalize heart function.

Herbs are often the basis for traditional methods in a gentle way affect the weakened body of the patient. Often in substance abuse treatment are used such herbs and their charges:

  • calendula flowers;
  • tansy;
  • wormwood;
  • the celandine;
  • cloves;
  • buckthorn bark and other.

In addition, the herbs are blended with juice or decoction of apples, lemons, cranberries, pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables. Often also add pine needles, which transmits its medicinal properties, a decoction or infusion.

Traditional medicine is also famous for the availability of funds that enable you to encode patient with alcohol dependence. Among these miraculous herbs:

  • thyme;
  • centaury;
  • Baranets;
  • St. John's wort.

You need to remember that when it comes to alcohol addiction, you need to forget about any social assessment of Your family from strangers. Concepts such as "shame," "uncomfortable" and "what people will say is" absolutely incompatible with the effective therapy of alcoholism. The sooner the family will seek treatment, the better the chances for successful treatment and social rehabilitation of the alcoholic.