Can do before giving blood to drink alcohol? How much alcohol from the blood?

Quite often, the modern citizens think it is possible before giving blood to drink alcohol. Because of the test results depends on the further treatment of the person. The physician should obtain the most reliable result of the study. Otherwise, you will have to either repeat the analysis or to undergo the incorrect treatment. To correctly take a blood study should be carefully prepared. But how exactly? And can you drink alcohol before? How much alcohol will be excreted from the body? Answers to all these questions (and not only) are presented in detail below. In fact, the embodiment of ideas in life takes a little time and effort. And preparation for the correct testing is not difficult.

the effect of alcohol on the body

The effect of alcohol on the body

Giving blood is something extremely important. It is often from this research depends on appointment of correct treatment of the person. Blood you can define bulk disease. So, the doctor should obtain the most accurate research results.

Can do before giving blood to drink alcohol? To answer this question, we need to understand how alcohol affects the human body.

A part of any kind of alcohol contains a substance called ethanol. When it enters the body, triggers certain chemical processes. Those, in turn, influence the human condition in General.

Can I drink alcohol before donating blood? It is worth noting that ethanol has the following effects on the body:

  • increases the level of lactate;
  • increases the concentration of uric acid;
  • reduces the sugar level.

Accordingly, this may lead to distortion of the results of research. The doctor will likely direct to repeat the blood.

Inhibitions or lack of them?

So is it possible to drink alcohol before donating blood? Theoretically, Yes. But it will have to take into account that in this case the results obtained analysis of biological material will be unreliable. Official ban on this account no. However, to get the most accurate results before the procedure from alcoholic drinks will have to give. This person will report any doctor.

This is not the only limitation. The fact is that the blood test results is affected by many factors. Therefore, the restriction of alcohol is just one of the rules. Next we will look at how to prepare for blood test.

excretion of alcohol

Excretion of alcohol

But first a few words about how much alcohol comes from the blood. Everyone must know this person.

In General, the exact time is difficult to determine. The clearance rate of alcohol from blood is influenced by different factors. For example:

  • sex;
  • the age of the person;
  • the type of alcohol;
  • overall health;
  • the weight of the patient;
  • the amount of drinking beverage.

In healthy people, the alcohol is excreted more rapidly. Men will cope with alcohol than women. You can see the approximate time of elimination of ethanol from the body. What are the indicators to navigate? How much alcohol from the blood? The answer will help the following figures:

  • vodka - 4.5 hours;
  • beer - 40 min.
  • red wine/champagne - 1.5 hours;
  • cognac - 5 hours;
  • port - 3 hours.

This is the time to obtain 100 g of the drink from the male body weighing 80 kg. Remember that this is only an approximate value. And to not worry, you can do before giving blood to drink alcohol, it is better to refrain from drinking such beverages.

Categorical prohibitions

But that's not all. There are a number of cases in which the use of alcoholic drinks prior to blood sampling is strictly prohibited. What this could include? The following studies:

  • HIV;
  • for hepatitis (B, C);
  • for syphilis;
  • on calcium;
  • analysis of the content of phosphorus in the blood;
  • for magnesium;
  • analysis for insulin, cortisol, Androstenedione;
  • the parathyroid hormone;
  • on aldosterone.

Drinking alcohol before blood donation, as mentioned, is not recommended. In these cases you will have to give up alcoholic beverages long before the research.

a blood test

The blood sugar

And you can do before giving blood to drink alcohol if you plan with the blood sugar? As already mentioned, ethanol can lower glucose levels. But to raise blood sugar alcoholic drinks is capable of. Accordingly, a few days prior to the test will have to abandon any alcohol beverages. And also from similar products.

Without restrictions

Giving blood after alcohol does not always is prohibited. In some cases, the patient do not say anything about special preparation for the particular study. For example, this is possible in the following cases:

  • before leaving the driver of public transport on the route;
  • in the study on the content of ethanol in the blood.

As a rule, if you want to test a man in an alcohol intoxication, about any special preparation for the tests may not be considered. In laboratories deliberately identify in humans ethanol.

How much to give?

How many have to limit yourself in alcohol before blood sampling. To answer this question is not so difficult.

Doctors recommend approximately 2-3 days prior to the Deposit of biological material to give up alcohol. Better for a week. The longer the patient keeps himself, the more precise the result will be.

General training

And how is the preparation for giving blood? This process requires special attention. It is important for donors. Blood without special training can result in incorrect analyses. Sometimes because of this people are forbidden to become donors, detection of alcohol in blood accurately.

To get the most accurate results of the study, you must:

  • to give up alcohol for 2-3 days;
  • do not smoke for at least a day;
  • do not eat sweet, salty, spicy, fatty, fried foods;
  • do not overwork;
  • to avoid stressful situations.

This is a preparation for blood donation. In addition, people will have to abandon the use of medication at least one day prior to the examination. And, as a rule, the fence-mentioned biological material is produced on an empty stomach - a person should not eat or drink for about 8 hours. Otherwise possible distortion of the results.

Another caveat is blood rest. In other words, before the patient will take biological material for research, he would have to rest. Arriving at the lab, the person it is advisable to sit quietly for about 10-15 minutes.

advice to donors

Advice to donors

Next, we consider some useful tips for blood donors. Can I drink alcohol before taking of biological material? No. And Smoking is also prohibited. What restrictions and tips face donor? In General, they will be reminded of previously studied principles. Blood donors will have to:

  • 48 hours prior to delivery of the biomaterial not to drink alcohol;
  • do not smoke at least an hour before donation;
  • to eat a balanced;
  • to sleep before the procedure;
  • easy to have Breakfast in the morning (to not donate blood on an empty stomach);
  • coming to delivery of the biomaterial in a healthy condition;
  • drink up to 2 glasses of sweet tea before blood sampling.
  • to refuse medication for 3 days to process.

Remembering all these rules, donor blood can prevent harming their health. After renting this biological material requires special attention. It is the responsible thing, having a serious, though temporary, impact on the human body.


We found that eating before taking blood. And how do you prepare for this fence biomaterial. On the subject of alcohol before the tests, also spoke.

It is actually much easier than it might seem at first glance. Doctors recommend to refrain from eating alcoholic drinks prior to any analyses. With the exception of studies on the content of ethanol in the blood. Just so happens to achieve the most accurate results. Minor limitations bring a lot of benefits to patients.