Can I drink alcohol after tooth removal and after what period of time?

A toothache can happen at any time, whatever your plans. Upcoming holidays, a long-planned camping trip, a family celebration – all this may be preceded by a visit to the dentist and tooth extraction or surgery.


Can I drink alcohol after tooth extraction – not an idle question, given national tradition to remove nervous tension of alcohol. Many also believe that alcohol will provide an additional disinfection during the tooth removal. How feasible in reality alcohol intake after an appointment at the dentist?

The reasons for tooth extraction

Modern dentistry is focused on strengthening and preservation of the natural teeth of the patient. Despite the wide opportunities of treatment and prosthetics sometimes arises the need to remove a tooth or teeth. Can I drink alcohol after tooth extraction routinely, or urgently?

Scheduled to be deleted are shown in the following cases:

  • A high degree of destruction of tooth caries, in which the recovery work is impossible.
  • Incorrect positioning of the tooth in the mouth, which causes inconvenience and can not be adjusted. Problems with pronunciation, food intake, injury to the tissues of the tongue and cheeks – all this is an indication for tooth extraction.
  • Planned work in the framework of the prosthetic teeth or bite correction.
  • Chronic periodontitis in the stage of destruction of the top of the tooth.

Emergency tooth extraction is considered in case of acute inflammation, severe pain or increased risk of infection. As a combination anesthetic, and alcohol, how safe is this combination – this question is asked by many patients of dentists.

Why no alcohol after anesthesia

Most often, dentists use a tooth pulled with local anesthesia. At can I drink alcohol after anesthesia, the exact name of the drug is not affected. Response doctors one – no, impossible! The intake of alcohol, even in small doses, is equally contraindicated as immediately prior to the procedure, tooth extraction, and after it.

This is due to the interaction of ethanol and drug anesthesia in which:

  • The risk of allergic reactions, since this combination of substances is considered one of the most dangerous in terms of unpredictability of response of the body;
  • Reduced the effectiveness of the anesthesia, and in some cases the drug has no effect at all;
  • Increases the likelihood of postoperative complications.

Drinking alcohol after anesthesia of the tooth is also highly not recommended because of the increased load on the liver.

In the end, anesthetics circulate in the blood much longer than necessary and can lead to symptoms of intoxication:

  • Failure of blood pressure (sudden increase or decrease);
  • The disruption of the cardiovascular system;
  • Dizziness, weakness;
  • Violations of breath.
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When you can drink alcohol after tooth extraction?

Can I drink alcohol after tooth extraction depends on the complexity of the operation. If you are going for a planned tooth extraction and you have the opportunity to choose a date, choose a day for 2-3 days before drinking. If you are faced with an emergency tooth extraction, you will have to abstain from alcohol even on your upcoming wedding or birthday party.

The time period of two days, during which you can drink alcohol after a wisdom tooth, depends on the bleeding of wounds received. For two days she needs to fully calm down and stop bleeding. If not immediately consult a doctor!

In the hole after a short time after removal to form the dry crust, promotes healing of wounds and preventing penetrating infection. After tooth extraction alcohol consumed prior to the expiration of the two-day period, will provoke the opening of the wound and further bleeding.

The reasons for the ban of alcohol

All who wish to know, whether after tooth extraction to drink alcohol should be aware of some serious consequences, which may be caused by drinking:

  • In addition to mechanical damage to the crust on the hole of the tooth, the alcohol can damage it and raising blood pressure. It will inevitably cause the bleeding from the wound and increase the risk of infection.
  • Alcohol irritates and damages the lining of the mouth. The process of blood clotting in the wound and slows healing is a lot slower.
  • Getting alcohol into the open a deep wound in your mouth will cause severe burning and pain.

Drink alcohol after tooth removal is impossible even if the operation went quickly and without complications. In the same case, if during the operation or after it had some problems, may be tempted to treat the nerves tested way – by taking alcohol. Do this by no means impossible – in addition to the above complications, the body at this moment requires maximum concentration on the recovery. Alcohol will inevitably reduce resistance, which can lead to infections and pain.

Alcohol after removal of wisdom teeth

Why can't you drink alcohol after removal of wisdom tooth often ask doctors patients. Despite the fact that wisdom teeth dentists tend to save less than others, removing them can be most problematic. This is due to the difficulty of access to wisdom teeth. When you remove can be severe complications, including swelling and infection in the wound.

Can I drink after removal of wisdom teeth? In any case! Alcohol can significantly increase the swelling in your mouth. In addition, bleeding after removal of wisdom teeth is much higher than for other teeth.

Alcohol can provoke bleeding wounds to such an extent that it will become a threat to patient's life!

can I drink alcohol

When you can drink alcoholic beverages

Many people are mistaken in the belief that all the harm alcohol caused solely by spirits. When can I drink beer after tooth extraction – this question is unlikely to come from the ordinary patient the dentist. Sincerely believing that much beer-no harm, such patients are very much mistaken.

Wine, beer, champagne, all this alcohol is contraindicated in the removal of teeth. Any alcohol and teeth after removal or treatment with anesthesia are incompatible. Especially harmful beer: in addition to a small dose of alcohol in its composition, this drink contains more yeast and bacteria. A small number of them even healthy body. But when injected into fresh extraction sockets of the tooth, these bacteria contribute to bleeding and development of infection.

Due to its nature the spread of bacterial yeast infection across the oral cavity and the consequences can be very sad:

  • Swelling in the mouth, which can extend even to the ears;
  • Pain;
  • High temperature;
  • Purulent processes of the mouth.

If you have a tooth pulled and you are interested in, whether you can drink alcohol – the answer was always negative. The consequences of taking even small amounts of alcohol can be too serious to be neglected.

Wine and champagne are similar. In addition, refrain from a variety of energy drinks with caffeine in their composition also contributes to bleeding.

When you can drink strong alcohol

After any dental surgery involving anesthesia or not, spirits are strictly forbidden.

Besides the obvious reasons – of a painful shock accompanying the hit of alcohol on an open wound – there are others:

  • Strong alcohol after treatment of the tooth leads to increase in pressure. This will inevitably lead to the release of blood and removing of the protective blood clot, to keep which is extremely important for the healing process;
  • Decreases the speed of blood clotting. Alcohol after contact with mucous membranes of the mouth, irritating it and contributing to the spread of bacteria.

If the operation was uncomplicated, in 2 days you can drink alcohol. If there were any problems in the process of tooth extraction or during the first healing, the question of whether alcohol after tooth extraction should be addressed to your doctor.

Alcohol and arsenic in the tooth

Often the doctor seeks to preserve the tooth of the patient to the last, believing the destruction of its last resort. In the process of recovery of the tooth can be used a variety of drugs, including arsenic. If you have arsenic in the tooth, can I drink alcohol and if so in what quantities?

Despite the strict prohibition (as in tooth) on the drinking of alcohol after the treatment with the use of arsenic is not, doctors still do not recommend to do it. This is due to the fact that alcohol may enhance the effect of the various substances used in the oral cavity for dental treatment.

The negative properties of arsenic under normal circumstances is minimal. But when taking alcohol, they can rise and bring considerable damage to the body.

To decide whether to drink alcohol after dentist laying of the arsenic, of course, you. But during the tumultuous feasts temporary filling may fall out behind the scenes, and arsenic will provide you harm. Better to wait a few days until the arsenic will not be removed from the tooth and then safely consume alcohol.

alcohol and antibiotics

Alcohol and antibiotics after tooth extraction

Often the healing process does not go smoothly and the doctor considers it necessary to prescribe antibiotics.

This happens in the following cases:

  • The inflammatory process in the hole;
  • Damage to the walls of the hole during the tooth removal. If you do not drink antibiotics, the infection can penetrate the bone;
  • Prophylactically in the absence of a protective clot at the wound.

Why no alcohol after tooth extraction with the use of antibiotics? For all the foregoing reasons, the prohibition of any alcohol is added, and the incompatibility of alcohol with this group of drugs.

In any statement to the antibiotic you will find the option of excluding alcohol. This is due to the unpredictability of the reactions to this combination and a significant reduction in the effectiveness of the medication. The dentist will prescribe an antibiotic to drink 5-7 days and during this time alcohol should be avoided.

If the doctor prescribed after tooth extraction antihistamines and painkillers, at the time of their admission to not drink alcohol.

Follow your doctor's recommendations, do not drink alcohol after treatment of the tooth with anesthesia or removal and the healing process will be easy and painless. And after a forced time of "prohibition" you will be able to afford to celebrate the recovery without risk to their health.