How much can you drink alcohol safe dose of alcohol

We all have different attitudes to alcohol consumption. Someone allows himself to strong drink every day, some like to skip the beer after work, someone who only drinks on holidays, and some alcohol indifferent at all.

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However, many continue to talk about booze, and disputes in the scientific community do not cease for a long time. Is it harmful to drink alcohol at all, or just a little bit you can afford? And can be harmful not to drink?

Through research scientists have found that people, even non-drinker, and chronic alcoholics are a quarter more likely to have a heart attack. Here you can make one simple conclusion – everything is good in moderation!

Logically, we can conclude that if a drink is made, and it has a great demand, then it needs to be at least some benefit. But what use would it be, and whether to drink alcohol at all? Doctors adhere to the theory that certain types of alcohol, with reasonable use, of course, can bring health benefits.

Harmless blood alcohol limit for a person

Are there really safe dose of alcohol and how much you can drink? The opinions on this are different, and clearly answer the question can not even the most experienced professionals. According to some doctors and 200 ml. of wine and 50 ml. vodka is a perfectly acceptable amount for consumption per week, according to the opinion of others is a signal about the problem.

Many professional drug experts are inclined to think that to establish an optimal dose of alcohol is difficult, even given the availability of all the modern researches and schemes. It is in the subjective characteristics of each organism, the immune system and liver function. Many different factors influence the permitted level of alcohol that should be safe to rely on the data of completed studies and calculations should not be.

Some people get drunk quickly, sometimes even after a couple of SIPS of champagne. And some can easily consume as much as necessary – a half or a whole bottle of vodka and kept in normal condition, continue to lead the cultural conversation, absolutely not succumbing to the influence of alcohol.

Most harmful drinking affects the female half of the population. Women's tolerance to alcohol develops much faster, and in a short time be getting addicted. It is proved that the constant consumption of alcohol a woman for a year or two it may develop alcoholism. Men who are by nature hardy, for the development of a dependency, you need a little more time.

Safe amount of alcohol a day

On the subject of how much you can drink per day, have been a huge variety of research. The safe dose was determined by doctors and scientists as the Western countries and our countrymen.

According to research, doctors to eat during the day for example the following amount of alcohol:

For men average weight category:

  • wine — 250 ml;
  • beer — 500 ml;
  • strong alcohol to 50 ml.
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For women:

  • wine — 150 ml;
  • beer — 330 ml;
  • spirits — 30 ml.

Of course, we are talking about the number one of the above drinks, but not all at once. According to scientists, this amount is harmless to consume in a day without causing irreparable harm. However, if you regularly exceed these doses, this will be a direct way to alcoholism with all the dire consequences.

Important factors

Hoping harmless norms of drinking, you should consider a number of factors that have a direct or indirect impact on the original figures. For example:

  1. Climate. Found that people living in the cold Northern regions drink too much much more than the inhabitants of the regions of the South.
  2. Age. The younger the person, the more likely he gets drunk. Young and unfit body is much more susceptible to ethanol.

It should be understood that all norms of alcohol consumption are conditional. Much depends on climatic conditions and characteristics of the person. To understand and properly assess the harm done by alcohol to the body, even in small doses.

Booze is especially dangerous for elderly people with chronic diseases, adolescents (due to young and fragile body) and pregnant women. Be sure to look at the scary statistics, which relates to persons suffering from alcoholism:

  • 68% kills cirrhosis of the liver;
  • 62% commit suicide;
  • 50% die from the pancreatitis;
  • 72% are killed in the state of alcoholic intoxication;
  • 23% die due to problems with the cardiovascular system.

Can alcohol benefit

When thinking about how much you can drink without causing harm, you should wonder if alcohol may benefit health in General? The vast majority of doctors believe that it can. This should take into account the particularities of each specific situation and the person.

For example:

  1. During a heart attack to ease the situation will help 10 g. of good cognac or vodka.
  2. A small amount of alcohol can be consumed when starting hepatic or renal colic.
  3. In the event of sudden decompression, allowed to drink 30 g of brandy.

Don't need to take these recommendations as a mandatory and integral process of treatment. Remember about alcohol and what alcohol can dramatically worsen the condition of ailing health.

When reasoning about the norms of drinking should pay attention to the positive qualities of alcoholic beverages. Most of them can be really useful in certain situations. In small amounts, alcohol has an important positive effect – it breaks down fats.

A romantic sparkling wine

This wine is considered as a drink of celebration and brightens up any evening. Characterized by its delicate taste and attractive aroma, not strong sparkling wine has a positive effect:

  • raises the appetite;
  • reduces swelling;
  • strengthens the taste buds;
  • relieves irritation;
  • helps regulate the as for heart disease.

Of champagne you can also make a wonderful remedy for colds. To add to the beverage 20 g of sugar and boil it. The fire should be removed immediately after boiling. And make warm, before bedtime. The next morning the cold will pass without a trace. Of course, the use of champagne, like other alcohol, it will only if you consume it in moderation.

Safe dose of champagne is considered to be one and a half to two glasses. However, it is absolutely contraindicated in:

  1. varicose veins;
  2. gastritis;
  3. pancreatitis;
  4. cholecystitis;
  5. high blood pressure;
  6. of vascular disease.
red wine

Encouraging red wine

France is a leader in the consumption and production of red wine, and the French have a low level of cardiovascular diseases. And longevity among the French order of magnitude greater than in other countries.

These facts can be explained by the fact that the French regularly use red wine. This is not surprising because this drink:

  • helps with insomnia;
  • normalizes the digestive tract and the flow of bile;
  • enhances immunity;
  • gives the perfect tone;
  • lowers cholesterol;
  • improves appetite;
  • reduces the expression of stress;
  • dilates blood vessels;
  • cleans the body of toxins;
  • is the prevention of oncological diseases;
  • regenerates the function of the endocrine system;
  • replenishes amino acids and vitamins in the body.

To properly drink wine. For example, drunk in one gulp a glass of wine will not bring the body no good but only harm. But if you stretch this process for an hour, the body will process all the substances contained in wine. Only this use will benefit.

And if you remember the lovely mulled wine? It's made from natural red wine, spices, honey and spices. Mulled wine is a great helper for colds and hypothermia. Considering all these factors, when used correctly red wine certainly is only benefit.

But this wonderful drink not recommended to drink with:

  1. depression;
  2. pancreatitis;
  3. bronchial asthma;
  4. diseases of the heart and liver;
  5. kidney stones and gall;
  6. allergies;
  7. regular headaches.

Acceptable safe amount of red wine per adult – 50 – 100 g per day.

Elegant white wine

In ancient times, delicate and soft white wine people drank as an easy and delicious drink to help quench your thirst. Unlike red and white wine, with its loose structure is ideal for this task. Speaking about the beneficial properties of white wine you need to remember that they are only transparent to the excellent product, color from light yellow to amber.

White wine has many uses:

  • improves and makes stable operation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • destroys harmful microflora;
  • slows the aging process of internal organs;
  • normalizes the work of cardiovascular system.

This drink is 80-85% consists of fruit, berries and purified water. White wine stabilizes the body, helping to digest proteins and iron, which enter into the composition of food. It contains a lot of antioxidants and organic acids. With a reasonable consumption of white wine is extremely useful for human health.

Again, you can drink it is not everything. White wine is absolutely contraindicated in:

  1. gout;
  2. hypertension;
  3. pancreatitis;
  4. cholecystitis;
  5. ischemia of the heart;
  6. depression;
  7. problems with the pancreas;
  8. an elevated level of triglycerides in the blood.

Safe norm of white wine is considered to be 100 – 200 g per day per person.

white wine

Noble brandy

Real cognac is produced on the basis of white grapes. With proper technological process of production of wort many times run through distiller. A long process of distillation releases the materials from various harmful additives and toxic oils. Only after this complex process the cognac infused many years in oak barrels acquiring a rich noble smell and fully ripen.

Properly cooked and seasoned cognac has many positive qualities:

  • saves you from headache;
  • reduces nervous tension;
  • relieves sea-sickness;
  • trains the immune system;
  • healing in the treatment of teeth and gums.

Very useful and the aroma of cognac. It has a rich bouquet of smells calms, helping quickly and to sleep deeply. Coffee brandy has become an entire culture, and in the case of colds it is recommended to add in ginger or black tea.

The brandy not many contraindications for use, however, it is absolutely impossible to drink at:

  1. diabetes;
  2. diseases of gallstones;
  3. any chronic illnesses.

Limit daily allowance of cognac is 20 – 30 g.

Pure vodka

Vodka is rightly recognized as the purest alcoholic beverage. An important component of this strong, traditional Russian drink is ethyl alcohol, which has strong antiseptic properties. In addition to regular use, it can be useful in the treatment and disinfection of wounds, burns and various scratches.

Vodka can be drunk not only in pure form, and prepare on its basis infusions with herbs and spices, nuts, fruits, cones and various herbs. Vodka helps with:

  1. headache;
  2. diseases of an infectious nature;
  3. increased level of cholesterol;
  4. the problems with digestion.

In field conditions, the vodka is indispensable, and sometimes the only remedy for pain relief. In such situations, an adult is allowed to take 100 ml of pure vodka, which should be drunk in one gulp without snacks. This method will help to temporarily reduce pain.

Infrequent use of vodka helps to reduce the likelihood of developing many dangerous diseases, including cancer. Remember, however, that the use of vodka will be exclusively reasonable and moderate in its consumption.

So how much you can drink vodka? Perhaps the measure is different for everyone, however harmless is considered a dose of 20 to 30 g per day.


how much you can drink

Having reviewed and studied in detail all the negative and positive sides of alcoholic beverages, one should not forget that even a moderate but regular alcohol consumption can quickly escalate into addiction. Well, vodka is the leader of this list and the favourite drink of alcohol-dependent people.

Remember that regular drinking of alcoholic drinks, greatly exceeds the benefits it could bring in not frequent and moderate use.

It is important to consider the fact that should drink only products of high quality, and purchased from the manufacturer, in which you firmly believe. In the manufacture should be used exclusively natural ingredients. Otherwise, it may cause poisoning, and even by alcohol, and by-products of its production, chemical additives like dyes or flavor enhancers, which are usually added to cheap drinks. Do not try to save it, because any activity you need to have fun, especially on such a special ritual, like drinking alcohol.

Perhaps, one need not ask to find out the maximum allowable amount of alcohol per day and try to put the experiment on myself. Let that to the experts. Better care and deal about your well-being and health, and preferably without the aid of alcohol. It is better to leave it for the holidays. But if you just don't know how to drink, then it is better not to start.

Long and regular abuse of liquor entails a great many negative consequences. Drink should be learn in moderation and not often, and it is not recommended to do it regularly. After all, everything is good in moderation!