Is it possible for ovaries to drink alcohol and in what quantity

As you know, spirits have different influence on the internal organs, but none of them does not remain without attention. Compared with persons competent sex, ladies effects of alcohol on yourself to feel much stronger. The explanation for this lies in the carnal specifics of the structure of the female body, and that in the absence of enzymes that help to metabolize alcohol. And he, in turn, negatively impacts the viscera, including the reproductive system. The main question that interests most ladies: is it possible for ovaries to drink alcohol?

periods in women

General information on menstruation

Menstruation is an effortless natural process in the physiology of the ladies. Menstruation starts at the age of 11-15 years and ends at about 50-55 years. This phenomenon suggests that the body of a woman is to conceive and birth a child.

Some girls are ordinary manner of existence during menstruation, and they don't care. Others experience a rather unpleasant sensation, usually pain in the abdomen and back. Sometimes a woman these days can suffered headaches and discomfort in the Breasts.

Some women begin without interruption is, they have a real animal appetite. Sometimes girls suffer from excessive sweating, they become nervous, they constantly want to cry, marked General weakness and a complete unwillingness to do anything. Breasts swell and ache, all this brings great discomfort to women.

Important! At such moments, experienced gynecologists recommend just to rest more. If in pain, it is better to take antispasmodic, but to eliminate nervousness, anxiety and tearfulness, you can take a sedative, preferably herbal.

Not harmful to drink hot, especially sweet tea, not with sugar but with honey. So you can avoid extra calories. But honey abuse is also not desirable. It is fraught with the emergence of allergies. Do sweet very well evokes the mood, but to overeat cakes is not worth it. Quite eat few pieces of dark chocolate, and cheerfulness in the good spirits you are guaranteed for the whole day.

Normal menstruation should take place as follows:

  • cycle, that is, between periods is about 28 days (plus or minus a few days).
  • duration of menstruation is 3-7 days;
  • one menstruation lost about 50-150 ml of blood;
  • cycle can fluctuate for 2-3 days in any direction;
  • discomfort in the form of various pains in the norm should not be present.

In the course of menstruation is influenced by various factors such as stress, overall health, ecology, climate change. They can all lead to various deviations in the course of menstruation.

  1. The time interval between periods may be reduced or increased. Thus, the menstrual cycle will last more than 35 or less than container 20.
  2. Critical days can deliver more discomfort than usual or leaking heavily;
  3. Irregular cycle consisting in frequent delays for a long time or, conversely, start bleeding much earlier than the due date.
  4. The duration of the period is more than one week or less two days.
  5. The amount of discharge throughout the period of monthly increases and becomes less or is reduced so that sufficient daily strip.
  6. The blood comes in the form of numerous clots.
  7. In the time between the critical days you can experience bleeding.

symptoms during menses

The most common condition, which affects such failure is the intake of alcoholic elixirs.

Drinking alcohol during menstruation

There are several reasons why women want to drink alcohol during menstruation. First, ethanol is difficult to pain in the head, abdomen, and lower back. Second, it relieves such symptoms as anxiety, excitability and irritability. Many girls rely on the fact that alcohol will help get rid of uncomfortable sensations that accompany monthly:

  1. Premenstrual syndrome, causing due to hormonal changes as physical illness – headaches, lethargy, swelling and pain in the chest, and psychological – resentment, tearfulness, temper;
  2. Her menstrual period, during which the physiological inconveniences are added nagging back pain, spasms, aching pain in the lower abdomen.

So it is quite understandable desire of women to rid themselves of unpleasant symptoms. It is worth noting that the Ministry is not alcohol consumption is prohibited during menstruation, and every woman decides to drink her liquor or not. But in spite of this, you must be aware of the effects caused by the intake of this substance. After all for anybody not a secret that alcohol has an increased negative impact on the female body.

But an unambiguous conclusion on the issue whether the alcohol facilitates the flow of menstruation, does not exist.

Consider some of the types of alcohol and their effects:

  • Cognac. It is recommended when the pressure, as small doses of help relieve headache and dilate the blood vessels. But at the same time, brandy is able to increase the bleeding during menstruation.
  • Spirits such as vodka, whiskey, contain large amounts of alcohols. It is a lot of damage to your heart and kidneys. If adopted at the beginning of the month, the remnants of long alcohol can linger in the body, clogging the blood vessels.
  • Drinking beer entails a slower metabolism. It is fraught with appearance of excess fullness, acne. And the beer at the monthly enhances the negative effects. In addition, the fermentation beer can strengthen intestinal upset, often observed during the critical days.
  • Wine is the most suitable option of alcoholic beverages. Provided that it is a quality beverage and not a cheap knockoff. It's advisable to take red wine, in moderation.

The main reasons why the cycle time is not acceptable alcohol:

alcohol and monthly

  1. Vasodilatation, strong drink is fraught with abundant bleeding. In such cases, the girl will have to be hospitalized immediately, that would stop the blood. And how to do it, if the woman is in a state of alcoholic intoxication? You have to first put on a drip to bring ethanol from the body, and then only to stop the bleeding. Thus, the woman risks losing a lot of blood.
  2. Usually when menstruation is highly desirable to decrease physical activity and more rest, and in a state of alcoholic intoxication, the girl overwhelms the euphoria and the desire to actively move, dance, for example.
  3. The entire period of menstruation is accompanied with frequent urge to the toilet. This suggests that the kidneys are working in emergency mode. Everyone knows that alcohol also makes often to go to the toilet. This means that your kidneys will work more mode, which will subsequently lead to disruption of their normal functioning.
  4. If a woman smokes, while alcohol her want to smoke even more. And because alcohol dilates blood vessels, and nicotine, on the contrary, narrows, disrupted cardiovascular system. Later may develop heart disease, impaired blood pressure, atherosclerosis, blood clots.
  5. When drinking alcoholic beverages in the critical days, severely affecting the nervous system. At it and so strong the influence is in menstruation, and alcohol depresses the nervous system in its own way. In the end, again, is a double blow.

As you can see, the benefits from taking alcohol during pregnancy is zero. So you should stop using alcohol as a medicine from unpleasant symptoms during menstruation. It is also highly desirable to quit Smoking or decrease the number of cigarettes smoked to a minimum.

The effects of alcohol consumption during menstruation

Centers of the human brain react to ethanol, it gives the feeling of intoxication – it people experience after drinking alcohol. Ethanol is able to modify the formation of hormones of the reproductive system. He also to have an impact on blood vessels. A substantial dose of alcohol down, and minor widening. Such exposure may lead to brain hemorrhage, hypertension, varicose veins.

As a rule, lower abdominal pain during menstruation is quite normal. But if it is too strong, this may indicate the presence of inflammatory processes or the localization of tumors on organs of the reproductive system. It is therefore very difficult to recognize the presence of serious disease if during pregnancy to drink alcohol.

The use of alcohol to reduce the pain symptoms in the period of occurrence of menstruation, instead of relief can lead to the opposite result. If a woman feels pain when she gets their period, the alcohol may intensify the pain. Especially if the pain is localized in the abdomen.

to drink alcohol during menses

During menstruation be natural fluctuations in hormonal levels, which affects the emotional state of the woman. If you try to fix the situation, resorting to alcohol, you get the opposite effect. In the first few minutes the alcohol is stimulating, followed by a sharp decline – "response suppression". Which leads to deterioration of mental state, and even the emergence of depression.

The functions of the body, and the bodies of women are different from men. Such is the nature of that children of men do not give birth, they nurture and give birth to women. Therefore, the main advantage of the female body is her reproductive system. The alcohol not just spoils the mental state of women, but does not allow birth to a healthy baby. So it is with attention to the body and drinking alcoholic beverages, because the same amount of alcohol will cause more harm to the girl of the week guy.

The effect of alcohol on the course of menstruation

Alcohol could have an impact on the course of menstruation. It plays a role which beverage is consumed, and in what quantity. The influence of alcohol will depend on the overall level of women's health.

The property of alcohol is to have a widening effect on blood vessels, and as a result speed up circulation. Thus, a woman loses a greater amount of blood due to excessive bleeding, provoked by the alcohol consumption.

Duration of menstruation may increase by 1-2 days.

Alcohol has an impact on the menstrual cycle. Period may begin before the time or, conversely, come with a delay. That is, the cycle can become irregular. What can bring additional challenges for women, especially if she has an active sex life.

Also a very dangerous use of alcohol with pain medications. If a woman drank an analgesic or other pain medication to stop the headaches, pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, and then decided to consolidate the drug drink that contains alcohol, this combination is fraught with the loss of large amounts of blood and attack of hypertension.

In addition, due to the interaction of pills and alcohol disorders can occur in the intestines and stomach, appear allergies. Sometimes the opinion that after taking alcohol during menstruation will rise to the mood and anxiety will pass, is refuted by the opposite factor, the condition becomes worse than it was.

The reason for this is due to the influence of ethanol on the Central nervous system a sense of joy, which rather quickly fades in and out of anger and sadness. Besides, we all know that a woman is more quickly reaches a state of alcoholic intoxication, and drunk it stronger compared to a strong half of mankind. And it is fraught with unpleasant consequences with external parties, quarrels with relatives, injuries, unpleasant situation.

Helpful advice to women who drank alcohol during menstruation

useful tips

Knowing how alcohol affects your period should be circumspect in the critical days. But sometimes menstruation may coincide with some celebration, a holiday party, where it is assumed the use of alcohol. And if the lady does not want to abandon its use, it is recommended to follow a few rules to reduce the negative effects of alcohol on the body:

  1. Stop your choice on a good light red wine. In this case the body will be provided with minimal negative effects.
  2. Drink very moderately. Try to stretch for the evening 1-2 glasses of wine.
  3. Do not mix alcoholic drinks. Refrain from cocktails.
  4. Spirits eliminate categorically.
  5. Give up Smoking. Nicotine has a very negative impact on the course of menstruation.
  6. Treat carefully to the choice of snacks. Digestive system is also subjected to additional load due to the critical days. Choose light dishes – fish, vegetables, lean meat.
  7. Eliminate from the diet coffee. The combination of coffee and alcohol is too much of a strain on the heart and blood vessels of the brain.

Assessing the extent of the negative effects of alcohol, it is better to refuse from alcohol during the critical days.

But after the cessation of menstruation a small amount of red wine is recommended to drink for 2-3 days to recover the blood. You can add the wine a little lemon juice or honey. It is also useful to use walnuts.

Stick to these simple rules, the most important of which is a very moderate consumption of alcohol. And your body will be protected from possible negative consequences of its application.