Irresponsible attitude to health, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages sooner or later cause need to find a way to recover from this beer alcoholism.


In the international medical terminology of the name of the disease as "beer alcoholism" no. Dependence on any alcoholic drinks is alcoholism and exit from the beer binge is not different from that observed with prolonged consumption of other alcoholic beverages. But the rapid growth in the number of people who consume beer, have forced physicians to allocate it in a separate group.

Drinking beer is a serious threat. People after 1-2 bottles of beer feels just a little drunk, which he considers harmless. Meanwhile, even small quantities of this drink can destroy brain cells. Studies have shown that beer has a serious negative impact on the psyche. Beer consumption appears unjustified aggression, cruelty.

The dependency on the drink develops almost imperceptibly. Therefore, the patient or his relatives the question of how to treat beer drinking, occurs when the disease is already in its final stage. This greatly complicates the task of doctors. It is necessary to select drugs for the treatment of alcohol beer or encoding method.


Unfortunately, the main risk group for beer addiction are the teenagers. Drinking at this age they are considered a confirmation of their growing independence. Due to the fact that the psyche in the transition to adulthood is a volatile, rapidly evolving teenage beer alcoholism, which treatment is necessary.


The first alarming signal that tells about the development of beer alcoholism, is drinking more than two bottles of drink per day, the appearance of the desire to drink beer without any reason. Concerns should call and morning use drink as a hangover, or just to create a good mood. At this stage one can easily cure the beer drinking at home.

Transition beer alcoholism to the next stage is accompanied by sleep disorders. The lack of beer can cause aggression, bad mood, there is irritability. Often there are headaches, begins to grow "beer belly". Men with the appearance dependent on beer there is a violation of potency. In this case, the patient who is unable to cope with addiction behind be coded from this beer alcoholism.


Treatment for alcohol addiction beer is necessary. This beer seriously harm the body. In the beer contains salts of heavy metals, toxins. This leads to failures in work of endocrine system. In men there is a decrease in testosterone production. In the body increases the content of the female hormone – progesterone. The result starts the growth of the breast, appear fat in the stomach area, on the sides.

In women, the opposite is true. Beer provokes dependence of the roughness of the voice, hair growth on the upper lip. If you drink, drink mom breast-feeding her baby, it can lead to the emergence of the child's seizures.

In the manufacture of beer is carbon dioxide. Its hit in an organism causes vasodilation. This has a negative effect on the heart. It becomes a sagging, poorly with the function of pumping blood.

Admonitio Prima signum

As the foam stabilizer used in beer cobalt. The accumulation of this element in heart muscle causes the walls of the organ thicken, die off cells, the cavity expands. Cobalt adversely affects the organs of digestion, causes inflammation in the stomach and esophagus.


The formation of dependence among beer lovers is inevitable. In hops, which is used in the beverage industry, there are sedative substances. As a result, the reaction of taste buds to the drink similar to that which occurs among lovers of sweets. For patients who have formed a beer alcoholism, treatment at home is effective, allows to get rid of the urge to drink.

At beer alcoholism the same methods of treatment, and addicted to strong drinks. At the initial stage of the disease can be quite a psychological impact, consultation specialist, who will be able to convey to the patient the risk of addiction, will help to change the attitude to life.

From the beer-drinking of the patient should be output with the help of medications. For the beginning is cleansing the body with IV fluids. Then encoding is performed from this beer alcoholism.

Treatment for addiction can be done without the desire of the patient. This is the beer treatment of alcoholism folk remedies or with the help of modern medical technology.