Treatment of alcoholism with hypnosis, efficiency encoding method

Not easy to save people, during the long years addicted to booze, from hardened thrust to alcoholic beverages. Medical body cleansing, getting rid of poisons and toxins accumulated in the internal organs and blood have a positive effect, but internal compulsion "to take on his chest" still remains. What to do in this situation? Very well help of various methods of treatment of alcoholism through hypnosis that the experts use to patients for almost a hundred years.

Worldwide, there are many different modern techniques, allowing to achieve a person's aversion to alcohol without any health consequences with a result of consolidation. The advantages of hypnosis include:

Alcoholism curatio cum hypnosis
  • gentle and safe effect on physiological processes in the body;
  • coding hypnosis helps to dispense chemically synthesized drugs affecting the psyche;
  • encoding hypnosis has prolonged effect on the patient, giving him the opportunity to start living a normal life;
  • getting rid of depression, anxiety, suspiciousness, different fears;
  • psycho sessions of hypnosis can take place in the home.

What is hypnosis for alcoholism

Many people do not believe in alcoholism treatment of hypnotic influence, I think this method of practice that do not bring lasting results. However, experts have rich experience and statistics proving the effectiveness of this method of treatment. Hypnosis for alcoholism – is the introduction of the patient by different methods or a deep sleep or in a trance state between reality and dream, and he suggestion of certain installations at the level of the subconscious. When using some methods, the patient is fully conscious. The main conditions under which the effect is maximum, are:

Ancora, modus tractandi de alcoholism
  • the desire of the patient to get rid of psychological dependence;
  • the ability to trust the doctor and his methods of influence;
  • pure body, the absence of breakdown products of alcohol.

The principle of action of hypnosis

Relatives of an alcoholic are afraid that the hypnosis of alcohol will cause and so damaged the psyche of the patient additional harm. To not be afraid of the method, it is necessary to conceive of its essence. The principles of hypnosis on Dovzhenko following: under the influence of the therapist in the patient's brain creates a specific center of excitation of neurons, of brain cells. It blocks any desire drunk, associated with alcoholic beverage, providing a protective barrier. The validity period is an individual – someone he can disappear for a year, and some working life.

The procedure of hypnosis for alcoholism

To get rid of cravings for drink, the patient should work closely with your doctor, fulfilling all his instructions, expressing a sincere desire to get sober. In the standard procedure of hypnosis for alcoholism includes three steps:

  • initial interview with the doctor who tries to find individual approach to the patient, find out his priorities, gives the original installation;
  • later the doctor goes deeper into the human subconscious, exposing the primary instinct of self-preservation, which includes indifference, disgust and dislike of alcohol and desire to drink it;
  • the last phase is the encoding with the help of hypnotic effect on the human nervous system, causing persistent indifference to any alcohol. Subsequently this style of behavior is the person to prevail, helping him sit at the table on any festivals and parties without using alcohol.

Anchor method of treatment of alcoholism

Tested at the beginning of last century by Pavlov on dogs, anchor method of treatment of alcoholism involves the creation of conditioned reflexes in humans for alcohol. Anchors are a kind of label consciousness that is each person. For example, if a child is seriously poisoned dairy products are not fresh in his brain for a long time to fixate sustained an aversion to them. This has created a negative anchor. They can be positive, if with some object, a smell, music has been a very pleasant emotion.

Depending on whether the person in condimentum, auditorio or in kinestetik, anchors can be divided into visual, auditory or tactile. The doctor-psychiatrist or psychotherapist, practicing anchor method of dealing with alcoholism, to find the patient so the anchor would have created in the subconscious of a sustainable label that is triggered whenever a person sees alcohol. Ensure that the anchor has worked, you need a jewelry individual work with the person.

Neuro-linguistic programming

If a man all his activities, thoughts and feelings to present as one big computer, the hard disk in the subconscious it will be kept basic, basic information, and the external activity is performed by operational programme, or consciousness. The vital functions of a healthy human involves the coordinated work of these two systems, but the alcoholic centers involved in the degradation and destruction due to the fact that the pleasure he can only get a perverse way, leading to destruction of the body.

Neuro-linguistic programming, ideally, pulls out from the depths of the human subconscious "correct" the installation associated with getting joy and pleasure from other sources not associated with alcohol abuse. However, the process of suggestion of the necessity of sobriety is long, to go to the doctor you need more than one week, and the result of this hypnosis is achieved dubious and not giving full guarantee of recovery from alcoholism.


Despite the security for the physiological state of the organism, there are certain contraindications to the use of the technique. These include:

  • the reluctance of the patient to get rid of alcoholism, the lack of consent to the treatment;
  • psychopathic deviation, schizophrenic, paranoid mental changes alcoholism;
  • recent brain injury;
  • phreneticis or recessum state, hallucinations;
  • a complete degradation and loss of human appearance in the last stages of alcoholism;
  • severe infection, heart attack, stroke, cancer.