Alcoholism in women - symptoms and the first external signs

Experts disagree on the exact definitions of the term, but any, including female alcoholism is a serious chronic disease, akin to drug or substance abuse that destroys people both physically and morally. In women, the process of addiction to alcohol and intoxication are the same dose of alcohol faster than men because they have less body mass and the total amount of fluid in the body.

Female alcohol addiction in Russia has become rampant akin to an epidemic outbreak – during the first decade of the XXI century the number of patients exposed to alcohol dependence in different stages, according to the statistical surveys, has increased five times. If you consider that many women are ashamed of their addiction and not go on reception to the psychiatrist, the picture is much sadder.


mulieres diu occultare eius dolore

A common stereotype says that women are tougher than men, they tend to better endure stress, and pain threshold they have, on average, higher. The same opinion extends to drinking alcohol – a society tend to believe that self-control in women above men in terms of resistance to alcohol. However, features of female alcoholism is that the weaker sex is strong much more sensitive to the effects of alcohol, women have faster there is a dependence on alcohol, drinking has a stronger impact on them.

If drinking men society is much forgiving – say, a person has problems, so he fills the mountain, the woman alcoholic is treated with contempt and condemnation, all believe that she is to blame, just do not know how to behave in hands. This attitude forces women to long hide his painful craving for alcohol, even from close, so problem is often detected when the disease is already difficult to treat.

Does heal female alcoholism

In Soviet times there was a saying that alcohol dependence in women is incurable. So whether it actually is the disease can not be cured? If you look at the problem more broadly, we can see that women's craving for alcohol similar to the drug addicts ' need to obtain another dose. For the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts, there are special clinics, many people come out of there in stable remission means that the treatment of female alcoholism is also possible. In this situation, most importantly – a strong desire the patient to overcome his fatal passion.

Signs of alcoholism in women

Plays a great role adverse heredity: if a close elder relatives on the mother's or father's alcohol abuse, there is a high probability that their successor also will suffer a thirst for alcoholic beverages. In addition, the patient will be a very long time to deny that she formed an unhealthy constant need to regularly take "on the breast". To notice herself that she has worrisome symptoms, it can not, therefore family and friends should begin to sound the alarm, if you notice the following signs of alcoholism in women:

Prima signa alcoholism in mulieribus
  • the constant search for a reason, "use", which can be absolutely anything;
  • the constant smell of alcohol from his mouth, while the woman may try to disguise it;
  • hidden here and there around the house bottles of alcohol;
  • beer alcoholism in women can manifest a craving to drink more and more beer or wine, because the initial dose does not bring the necessary satisfaction;
  • hand tremor, convulsive desire to drink, even without snacks.

Signs of female alcoholism in the face

Alcohol, like any drug, has a detrimental effect on the body, so it is no wonder that become noticeable following the signs of female alcoholism in the face:

  • the complexion is grey, his eyes pouring blood, cloudy;
  • female face swells, becomes puffy;
  • manifest venous veins around the nose;
  • an alcoholic does not care of their appearance, hair may be dirty, disheveled, not well-maintained;
  • in the last stages, the person may turn yellow – a sign that the liver no longer cope with shock doses of chemical toxins and start to fail;
  • the patient looks much older than his years, the features of the female face to lose definition, teeth begin to fall.

The first signs of alcoholism in women

Despite the desire of women alcoholic to hide their attraction to alcohol, to notice the first signs of alcoholism in women is not hard at all. They famously upset glass by glass, considering this achievement, their behavior is becoming more brazen face engorged with blood, they cease to look after themselves, and quickly lose control of the situation. Friends, instead of trying to neutralize the situation, encourage moderate libations. Round the patient begins to restrict those people who do not abstain to alcohol.

The female psyche is very vulnerable to alcohol containing beverages. The disease is manifested by changes in patient behavior – she becomes hysterical in nature appear psychopathy tendencies, the tendency grossly to pick off those who tries to make comments about the tendency to alcohol. She may withdraw into themselves or, conversely, become short-tempered, swear, throw into the fray, become promiscuous in sexual relations.

The causes of female alcoholism

The changing role of women from housewife to breadwinner and source of material well-being in the family, coupled with surviving in society a tendency to take on female shoulders more responsibilities, not many people can withstand. Permanent economic crises in our country aggravate it, causing the woman to try to make ends meet and to find new sources of income for themselves and their children. Not everyone can withstand this obstacle race, so among the causes of female alcoholism the doctors are the following:

  • depressed psychological state, tendency to neurosis caused by external reasons;
  • different disorders in the family or at work, problems with kids, husband, or relatives;
  • financial distress, creating a desire to lose yourself with a bottle;
  • physiological factors slow women's metabolism contributes to the delay of alcohol in the body, causing a frequent desire of drinking;
  • the void in my life when nothing else to do, the lack of your favorite things.

Stage of alcoholism

Drug treatment there are three stages of alcoholism in women, which can smoothly and imperceptibly pass one into the other:

  • The first stage. At this stage, the degradation changes yet invisible – it is clear only that the patient more and more drinks, trying to somehow hide from others.
  • The second stage. It is characterized by the development of a hangover syndrome, no vomiting urge the abuse of alcohol, blackouts, progressive changes in the psyche, the brain, mood swings. A woman becomes anti social, is changing its way of thinking, quality of life, she loses her job, problems with relatives, may begin to steal, to lead a dissolute life, he ceases to be interested in children.
  • In the final stage. The patient almost loses his human appearance, intellectual ability, already almost does not remember anything. At this stage the disease is difficult to treat because it is accompanied by irreversible pathologies in the internal organs.

Diagnosis of female alcoholism

Since any of the tests may indicate associated disease, but not in alcohol addiction, drug treatment and follow signs in the diagnosis of female alcoholism:

Ultima scaena
  1. Alcohol is the most valuable thing for the patient, she is willing to endlessly discuss advantages and disadvantages of one or the other beverage.
  2. The patient would drink more than originally intended, unable to hold back.
  3. Drinking despite common sense, the pressure of family, society, their basic needs.
  4. The patient is observed withdrawal symptoms.

How to deal with female alcoholism

Since the drug treatment face the different stages of the disease, mental and physiological state of patients, to deal with female alcoholism need on an individual basis. The patient must understand that she has a serious problem, trouble, and sincerely want to get well, applying for this effort. Help loved ones in this case plays a big role. Medication to relieve alcohol addiction in special clinics, where doctors use effective measures and means for encoding the brain to remove the psychological cravings.

The effects of alcoholism in women

Not a mild craving for alcohol destroys the person from all sides, so the effects of alcoholism in women is terrible – there is a complete degradation of man, the loss of both physical and moral character. In addition to craving for alcohol, the patient has no priorities, all social and family ties are gradually lost, no principles, values remains. The body is destroyed, not withstanding the constant shock toxic doses liver, kidney, heart, brain failing. Intemperance in sexual relations leads to sexually traducitur diseases.